David Moses – A Top Earner Personal Setback Story

David Moses, MLM Coach, MLM Trainer


David Moses is a million dollar earner, master distributor and is the company's first Crown Diamond Elite. In below generic video he shares his personal experinience on a major set back in his career, as he lost a very large team in the past.

He has achieved number one status in every company since his career began, including holding senior executive positions for several large Network Marketing companies. David is married and has 2 children, the family resides in Toronto, Canada.

David says:

Every challenge, every disappointment, every setback, has within it a seed for success.

The difference between those who will achieve high level success in Network Marketing or for that matter anything in life is how they process and interpret challenges.

It's been said sometimes we win and sometimes we learn.  Every experience gives us context and depth such that we can share stories and empower others to overcome all obstacles on the way to success.

Every person who is at the top of their game in Network Marketing has surely navigated challenges and setbacks they have used those experiences as stepping stones to the next success to rise to the next level.  When we study the bio of success and in particular in our industry we find that every success story has within it many stories of disappointment. 

Always  know that  each experience good or bad is the fertilizer that will set your sail for success.

David Moses' personal story articulates this concept.

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