Global 1 Entertainment Successfully Launches Into The Fantasy Sports Market

Rick Maike, CEO, G1E, Global One Entertainment


For the first time, a network marketing company is offering fantasy sports games.

G1E Fantasy Sports launched August 30, 2014 as an online and mobile platform by G1E, or Global 1 Entertainment, a worldwide network marketing company, headquartered in the USA and Hong Kong.

“This is unprecedented in the world of Direct Sales,” says Rick Maike, the CEO of Global 1 Entertainment.

“We wanted to bring our Independent Business Owners (IBO’s) yet another high opportunity product category that had zero competition in the MLM Entertainment field.”

It’s been a hit so far.  The company reports a doubling of customers each week in the first month.

“This has been one of the most successful customer acquisition programs I have seen in the MLM industry over my last 20 years as a compliance officer,” said David Koerner, Global 1 Entertainment in-house Counsel and Compliance Officer.

“Our team in the field has really embraced this project because it is easy and fun to get people to play.”

Many of the customers playing on G1E Fantasy Sports are not Global 1 Entertainment IBO’s. They are just customers of G1E IBO’s. Each time an IBO or a customer plays a new game, G1E sends Business Volume (BV) to the upline.

G1E Vice President of Marketing Doyce Barnes explains: “An IBO gets paid every time anyone in their downline or any customer of their downline plays.” This is Global 1 Entertainment’s effort to attract network marketers that also sell virtual products.

“It’s simple.  IBO’s get paid to direct players to their sites to play and can earn commissions even if they don’t build a large team of IBO’s,” Maike says. 

Barnes adds: “We wanted something that was fun that allowed the acquisition of players outside of our IBO partners that will pay them on an ongoing basis.  This is a much better way to drive volume into a sales organization rather than through the standard autoship programs we see industry wide.”

Two major reasons point to even bigger customer growth for G1E Fantasy Sports and profits for Global 1 Entertainment’s IBO’s. First, fantasy sports games are played weekly which means many customers will play and spend money four or more times a month. Second, G1E Sports ( will also release fantasy football, hockey, and soccer as those professional leagues launch their new seasons. 

“This will give IBO’s around the world the opportunity to make money from their customer’s favorite sports,” Rick Maike says.

And the fantasy sports craze appears to be booming.  The Fantasy Sports Trade Association estimates that 32 million Americans play fantasy sports.  They spend more than $400 a person totaling about $15 billion.  Nearly $11 billion comes from football.

That’s one reason G1E Fantasy Sports was launched August 30, 2014, a week before the kick-off of the NFL season.

But Rick Maike says that is just fantasy players in America.  In the UK, where fantasy football (or soccer in the US) is enjoyed by 10-percent of the British population with players from more than 99 countries involved.

“Why not get a part of this great new market since so many of us are playing these games anyway,” Maike says, “We have even drawn requests from big sites like to partner up with us. So we know right now the timing is right.”

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