Isagenix Couple Makes Crystal Executive In 6 Months

John and Kathie Rhoades,Isagenix


The recession left John and Kathie financially devastated. Over the years, the couple got to the point where they couldn’t pay the minimum on all of their credit cards.

“Severe devastation is when creditors are calling you every day,” says 67-year-old John. “Because of that financial devastation, my wife and I were also experiencing severe health devastation.”

John and Kathie live in a remote area backed into the Yosemite National Forest. Married for 36 years, John and his wife, spent most of the last couple of decades taking care of elderly parents.

“We were only able to make $1,000 per month and we couldn’t survive off of that,” shares John.

Searching for another method to pay off debt, John and Kathie were looking for a different solution.

It’s All About the Research

As an aging couple, John and Kathie wanted to find the right Isagenix products for their health.

“What I love about Isagenix is that you have so many product choices,” shares John. “But we chose what products were comfortable for our specific situation and what was affordable for us at the time.”

“I was intrigued with Product B® IsaGenesis®,” says John. “And I marveled at the science and research behind the product. The research is extremely fascinating.”

Hard Work Pays Off

After listening to presentations online and over the phone, John and Kathie shared them with close friends.

“The information was so powerful that we enrolled one of our friends before we got the products,” says John. “That person was actually our doctor.”

Through building their business, the couple learned how to overcome technological barriers and share Isagenix.

“Our income was going up about $1,000 per month, so we hit the six-figure income level in six months,”** says John. “Keep in mind that we can’t even type. We’re in the back of a national forest. You’re not going to sell Isagenix to squirrels or deer—we had all these strikes against us and we built our business through phone conferences.”

Finally, in December 2013, the couple was able to free themselves of the financial debt from their five credit cards. By October, hitting their six-month mark with Isagenix, John and Kathie had individually earned the Crystal Executive title.

They even have more to celebrate: This month they celebrate their 36th anniversary and look forward to the future.

“John and I were crying and fervently praying for help, and we found Isagenix,” shares Kathie. “So it’s not genius on our part. We saw Isagenix as business, not a hobby. We would not want to be without these products or the company.”


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