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On November 1, natural bodybuilder Darrin Grosenick won several honors in the International Natural Bodybuilding Federation’s Canada Western National Championships. Grosenick, who is also a Vísi Arctic 3-Star Partner, has been using Vísi products as his exclusive supplementation regimen and has found incredible results.

At 48, Grosenick says he’s in the best shape of his life, with “incredible energy, incredible flexibility—at the competition, I was like a 10-year-old on a playground.” Even competing against men half his age, Grosenick won first place in the Lightweight category. He also earned top honors in the Master’s class and earned his Pro card, allowing him to compete in events around the world.

He attributes much of his success to consistently using the entire Vísi product line. He says what he likes best about Vísi’s certified clean products are “how natural and clean they are—every ingredient has a specific purpose. Everything is synergistic.”

Grosenick’s “Road 2 Ripped” journey began in February as he returned to the gym to get competition ready and “completely stayed true to the products.” His daily supplementation regimen begins with something he laughingly calls “the bomb,” a Vínnle supplement for focus, a Probíta hydrolyzed collagen chew, and an Energy drink mix with water. “I take it 20 minutes before a workout, especially when I’m doing cardio.”

After workouts, Nufínna smoothies and Probíta hydrolyzed collagen protein chews helped Darrin with muscle recovery and fuel.  Grosenick often stirs the lifestyle smoothie powder into his morning oatmeal, along with a Wellness powder pack and cooked egg whites. When asked about other protein supplements, Grosenick says, “No whey protein. No creatin. Not a chance—too much bloating. Most of the Vísi products I took right up to the moment of competition, they are so clean.”

Grosenick also touts Rensa supplements daily for body cleansing. “When I’m loading protein, I need that breakdown that Rensa provides. It helped make my body more efficient and I had no cramping, no crashes, and zero drag before the event.”

Darrin says he looks forward to what’s ahead, noting he wants to be “the best of the best” and compete around the globe. It’s possible now, he says, thanks to the dedication and support of his wife Brenda, his faith in Jesus Christ, and his commitment to the whole-body vitality products exclusively offered by Vísi.


Vísi is a global network marketing company that innovates total-body vitality products, including the AC2 products category. AC2 technology brings products to market featuring Scandinavia’s arctic cloudberry plus hydrolyzed collagen, a highly bio-available natural protein source. Vísi is derived from a Scandinavian word meaning “leader” and is dedicated to helping people lead their best life. As a leadership-focused organization, Vísi is driving business rewards and improved health for thousands of Vísi Partners and customers around the world in 18 markets, including the United States, Canada, and Japan. To learn more, visit iamvisi.com.

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