We Are Upgrading Our Servers – 340,000 + Visitors In January

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As part of our dedication to continually improving our Direct Selling news service, we are upgrading our Business For Home servers shortly. We do not expect downtime, but upgrading is rocket science, we can not guarantee it.

In January we received over 340,000 unique visitors and much more (est. 420,000) as our google analytics went down for 3 days. Concurrent users 700+ at times, which mean that number of people are on our website at the same time at which point our system performance begins to degrade.

Therefore we are upgrading to faster and scable webservers and we hired the best experts to do the job.

Per year, our wordpress based website receives an estimated 3.5 – 4 million unique visitors from all over the world with the majority being Network Marketing professionals with approximately 25% visiting the website looking for a new or additional opportunities.

Top Countries in January are the USA, Philippines, Canada, UK and Colombia.


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