A New Service Company Available To The Network Marketing Industry

Garrett Mullins,CSO,Stateside BPO


StatesideBPO, a leader in cloud contact center and customer service solutions staffed with disabled Americans and U.S. Veterans, announced the establishment of a special business unit to service Network Marketing companies and Direct Sales organizations.

“StatesideBPO is entering the next phase of growth by targeting specific vertical markets and honing our training and processes to those industries,” says Garrett Mullins, Chief Sales and Client Officer. “The Network Marketing industry is a very demanding industry where success is often defined not just by the quality of the product, but also by the quality of the distributor and customer service.

The Network Marketing industry can be characterized by rapid growth, almost overnight in some cases, requiring the ability to handle call spikes on a rapid basis. Our virtual employee base and large number of pre-qualified candidates allows us to satisfy that volatile demand.” 

Garrett added that StatesideBPO had recently met with a leader in the establishment of Network Marketing firms and discovered how the company’s business model could be of strategic value to the businesses that have rapid ramp-up requirements. “Our program is comprised of processes, technologies, and services that have been vetted with large Direct Sales organizations. This allows us to deliver high levels of service to their entire network of Marketing Consultants.” In addition to domestic outsourcing and quality improvement experience, StatesideBPO supports client language requirements in over ten languages with in-country outsourcing capabilities in Europe, Australia, and China. 

One of the main reasons our clients provide us with high-quality scores in productivity and customer satisfaction is due to our skilled agent workforce,” adds Garrett. “Our employees, comprised of disabled Americans and U.S. Veterans, provide our clients a mature, highly-educated agent with unmatched loyalty and quality to represent their brand.”

For more information on how StatesideBPO can help your business with flexible and cost effective services, please contact Garrett directly at sales(at)statesidebpo(dot)com.

About StatesideBPO 
StatesideBPO is a leading force in transforming cloud-based customer service solutions for the highest quality of service at the most effective cost per interaction. Our U.S. based agents are disabled Americans and Veterans dispersed throughout 40 states. StatesideBPO is supported by state-of-the-art technology, including industry-leading cloud software and other leading technologies, allowing our virtual employees to respond quickly to our client’s needs. In addition to Network Marketing and Direct Sales organizations, StatesideBPO supports a wide range of industries including Energy, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Retail, and high-Technology companies.

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