Industry Leaders Deb Landreman And Cynthia Maurice Join Vfinity

Vfinity, Deb Landerman, Cynthia Maurice


Vfinity, the premiere health and wellness network marketing company that helps others become skinnier, healthier, and more financially successful is attracting top industry talent. Deb Landreman and Cynthia Maurice have joined Vfinity.

Deb Landreman brings over 17 years of network marketing and corporate finance experience. Her business partner, Cynthia Maurice has spent over 10 years in the home business industry where she has been featured by several Home Business magazines as the Top Earner in her company.

These two leaders in the network marketing space share a passion for team building, training, and coaching. Vfinity is thrilled to welcome Deb and Cynthia to the Vfinity family where their skills will set the bar for growth as Vfinity enters its second year of operations.

Deb and Cynthia quickly recognized the power and effectiveness of Vfinity’s 1-2-3 system for better health and wellness. In the previous direct sales organization they were involved in, the difference in the quality and efficacy of the products in comparison to Vfinity soon became apparent, and their customers clamored for Vfinity’s premier line of products.

Vfinity looks forward to welcoming Deb and Cynthia and the new Lifestyle Consultants who are joining us on this journey towards better health and wellness.

About Vfinity

Vfinity illuminates the clear path towards a fulfilling lifestyle with the infinite joys of better health, infinite possibilities to grow wealth, and infinite freedom to live life on your terms. Our passion is to provide you with an unlimited collaborative opportunity with a compassionate community within the Vfinity family who are committed to promoting quality products and unparalleled service so you can achieve infinite success.

In 2014, Vfinity expanded sales into Canada, launched a highly successful Preferred Customer Program, and experienced double digit growth. Since their launch, Vfinity has received a nomination for TAMM’s “Start-Up Company of the Year,” and ranked #7 internationally as Top Performers. Vfinity is featured on international and national broadcasts with top fitness experts and celebrities, Kathy Ireland with Modern Living, Forbes Riley of Forbes Living, and Dr. Derrick DeSilva.

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