Jeff Roberti – Juice Plus+ Hits $85 Million in Career Earnings

Jeff Roberti, Juice Plus+


Jeff Roberti from Sarasota, Florida, USA is an icon, both within the Juice Plus+ company and in the world of network marketing. He earned his title as NSA’s #1 income earner his first year and never looked back.

During his first three years as a distributor, NSA’s sales went from a million a month to a million a day. He is for decades with the company, NSA – nowadays Juice-Plus. Juice PLUS+ is made from 26 different fruits, vegetables and berries.

His distributorship now spans 24+ countries. Jeff’s story is often used by other distributors and companies to demonstrate the unlimited potential of network marketing.

It is one of the most recognized and published stories in the history of the industry.

Juice Plus+ is generating an estimated $800+ million in revenue and Juice Plus autoships are 1 million per month according to insiders.

As of November 2015 Jeff hits $85 million dollar in Career Earnings and is at $450,000 per month, which makes him the Nr. 10 Top Earner in the world.

About Juice Plus+

Back in 1970, Jay Martin founded NSA (National Safety Associates) in Collierville, Tennessee (USA). This was a company that set about making people’s lives safer and better by producing fire and smoke detectors.  In the 1980s, the range was expanded to air and water filtration systems – a small step on the way to taking care of people’s health.

In 1993, the foundations of the company as we know it today were laid down. This was the introduction of Juice PLUS+. Since then, the Juice PLUS+ Company has continued to develop and expand it’s range of products.

In 2013 we celebrated our 20th anniversary.  We have always put people at the centre of our business and today, the Juice PLUS+ Company is at the forefront of the health and wellness industry. It is one of the most important markets of the 21st century which you can be a part of it. Learn more about our Juice PLUS+ Franchise business model! Juice PLUS+ Franchise

Get more information, facts and figures about Juice Plus+, click here for the Juice Plus+ overview.

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