Direct Selling – MLM Is Growing Fast In Africa

Ramin Mesgarlou, Global Wealth Trade, CEO


Africa is becoming the next Direct Selling / MLM / Network Marketing hub, Global Wealth Trade Africa Summit became a smashing hit.

All the same Global Wealth Trade’s summit in Nigeria was a total hit with over 5,000 new guests poured in to Abuja, Lagos and Warri hotel rooms in one week to see the opportunity with this Canadian luxury designer fashion house.

“I was shocked by the number of GWT Luxury Consultants who were 10K Club qualifiers ($10,000/month) and even CAP CLUB qualifiers ($10,000/week)” explains the GWT Founder Ramin Mesgarlou.

Ted Nuyten had the honor to interview CEO Ramin Mesgarlou:

Ramin, your business is in 94 countries so explain the differences in building in traditional MLM markets and the new up and coming MLM markets like Africa.

It’s nice to expand to new MLM markets like the Caribbean and Africa but it reminds me of how Canada was in the early 90’s where people were intrigued about the MLM concept yet never saw it as a business. What I mean is people tend to not look at the MLM business model like the way they would look at traditional business model where they need capital investment and intellectual investment.

Another words, people tend to easily comprehend that in traditional businesses you need to invest, time & money to acquire the knowledge you need to get traction and success but in MLM they don’t.

GWT Top Earners In Africa

Global Wealth Trade Top Earners

Why is that?

In new DS/MLM markets most new participants look at this model as a SOCIAL CLUB where you promote RICHES and EASY on the same sentence, which of course is not accurate, which leads to start up momentums to be short lived.

So how did you maintain your momentum for over 4 years?

As you know in GWT we have a very strong culture and control of training with the Forensic Networker Advanced MLM University so very quickly we start a “GET THEM IN & KEEP THEM IN” culture in every market.

As I mentioned the new markets do very well early purely because of the initial enthusiasm and the team grows fast which is the “Get Them In” section of the business. However without “Keep Them In” part, which is the INSTANT training, the momentum comes to a quick halt.

We are very strong on our culture of “No Member Left Behind” so consultants know very quickly that they are expected to train and support their team. We are not shy about that language and the expectation is clear.

Global Wealth Trade Cruise Qualifiers

Global Wealth Trade Cruise Qualifiers

What other challenges did you face?

Well there are some logistical challenges as well. GWT offers the industry’s strongest Luxury and Exotic car program. When qualified, you are qualified for 18 months without any further qualification vs the industry car programs that require a monthly qualification. The issue with some markets in particularly Nigeria is that the country doesn’t offer a “car lease” program so the company and the qualifier had to get real creative to deliver a luxury SUV to our latest qualifier there.

So what you are saying is that, its not status quo operations in some markets.

That’s right in particularly the banking and paying your distributors can be a real challenge due to world banking sanctions imposed on some countries where Master Card and Visa do not exist.

So how do you pay your Luxury Consultants weekly?

Ramin: well that’s trade secret Ted : ))

Any advice to other CEOs who want to enter these markets?

Prepare to invest and think long term. Be quick on your feet with solutions and understand the culture differences. Open your heart and your private corporate jet and you will be fine 🙂

Global Wealth Trade African Leaders

Global Wealth Trade African Leaders

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