LimitLess Worldwide To Celebrate It’s 3 Year Anniversary

Limitless Worldwide, Melyn Campbell, CEO


Since it’s launch in 2013 Limitless Worldwide™ has tried to push the boundaries of network marketing and has attained some remarkable goals, but they aren’t stopping there.

In 2015 Limitless tested a new bonus structure model, The Limitless Ladder. Tired of hearing stories about distribution models that only reward top achievers, Limitless Worldwide has created a model that benefits both experienced veterans and those new to networking marketing.

The Limitless Ladder structure is designed to reward independent distributors who create organizational sales growth by climbing rungs on the ladder. The rungs of The Limitless Ladder are not enormous, unrealistic numbers to be met but are available to those ready to jumpstart their new business or build on existing success. Rather than a bonus format that only serves the top 1% of the company, Limitless Worldwide has created a system that can help distributors of all levels be rewarded for their success.

With this initiative to reward every level of distributor, Limitless is excited to offer some exclusive Limitless Ladder rewards available only to distributors that attend their upcoming Third Anniversary Celebration in Salt Lake City, Utah on February 19th and 20th, 2016. One lucky attendee will win a Limitless Luxe Club membership and a $4,000 cash bonus toward a new Mercedes*.

Limitless Worldwide is also excited to announce the company’s annual incentive trip to Quebec City, Canada, one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world, in August 2016.

“Network marketing has given us the opportunity to travel all over the world as distributors and we have yet to find a more alluring city,“ says Melyn Campbell, Limitless co-founder.

“Quebec’s cobblestones streets, French culture, stunning boardwalk, enticing restaurants and The Old Quebec Funicular railway that connects Upper Town and Lower Town combine to create a remarkable destination.”

Co-founder Steve Campbell adds, “There is no place more beautiful than staying at the Fairmont Chateau Frontenac Hotel overlooking the St. Lawrence River. We cannot wait to share this “Limitless Xperience” with our team!”

From premiering the Limitless Ladder Bonus program to presenting the upcoming trip to Quebec City and reviewing past successes, Limitless Worldwide is ready to celebrate. Limitless will be hosting a Third Anniversary Celebration at their 300,000 square foot headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah on February 19th and 20th, 2016.

Limitless Worldwide Leaders

Limitless Worldwide has built great success in the Personal Care, Age-Defying, Weight Loss and Nutritional categories with some of the most revolutionary and scientifically validated products in the world. These unique products have attracted successful industry millionaire leaders such as Ken and Sandi Burgess, Jim Boyd, and many more.

As Sandi Burgess puts it, it’s not only the products, but the whole idea of Living Limitless that won her over, We have been looking for a home with network marketing for the past couple of years, and we’ve been ‘wined and dined’ by the biggest and best. Our choice to embrace Limitless Worldwide was a literal no-brainer.

To have exclusive products that are so clinically solid, proven and give such outstanding results, especially with Thrive-HGH leading the way, is unheard of in this industry. The products, backed by experienced management and a patented pay plan anchored us in, and we cannot talk to people fast enough about Living Limitless. It’s a lifestyle for us now, and we know we are making a difference in lives with the products and the business opportunity. We are proud to represent the Limitless Worldwide family.”

THRIVE™-hGH, is an oral compound capable of increasing mean, serum (blood) human growth hormone levels by 682%**. Thrive contains the highly sought after SeroVital®-hgh compound, which is so unique it has been granted 11 United States Patents*** and Limitless Worldwide is the only network marketing company in the world authorized to distribute the compound.

A Limitless favorite in the weight-loss category is SkinnyStix® — a super-delicious, highly effective, take-anywhere weight-loss* powder you simply mix in water. And Limitless Worldwide customers have fallen in love with the company’s InnovAGE-TH3, a skin-care formula specifically developed to address the “other” cause of wrinkles, glycation. InnovAGE helps inhibit surface toxin formation to help shield the skin from future glyco damage, reduce the appearance of fine lines, deep wrinkles and crow’s feet you already have while it visibly lifts, tightens and firms saggy skin, and reduce the appearance of age spots.

To learn more about Limitless Worldwide or to register for Three Year Anniversary Celebration, visit or call 1-800-429-4290. Seating is reserved so don’t wait.

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