Kari And Lisha Schneider – WorldVentures Achieve Double International Marketing Director

Kari And Lisha Schneider, WorldVentures


An innate passion for travel and a burning desire for more are what drive twin sisters and Double International Marketing Directors Kari and Lisha Schneider.

After growing up in San Diego with three other sisters and a half-brother, Kari and Lisha–both natural performers–earned college cheerleading scholarships, which gave them the opportunity to travel with the football team. After graduation and some trips abroad, they relocated to Los Angeles to pursue careers in entertainment.

Although they landed temporary jobs as stunt doubles for actresses (and twins) Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the work wasn’t steady. While continuing to accumulate significant credit card debt, the twins pieced together other employment to fill the gap.

They worked as massage therapists and waitresses, quitting their jobs after a stint, taking a vacation, then finding a new job that would help finance their next trip. This lifestyle wasn’t destined to be a long-term one; they eventually maxed out several credit cards and found themselves $50,000 in debt. They knew they were in trouble. 

The twins will tell you they share a strong spiritual belief that all of us are put in the right place at exactly the right time, and we’re destined to meet the right people if we’re open to the opportunity. They’re living proof of that philosophy. At precisely the time when their finances had reached a breaking point, WorldVentures was getting ready to launch in Los Angeles.

They heard about the company through friends, and it wasn’t hard to convince Kari and Lisha that this opportunity was everything they’d been looking for. They already knew the perks of this lifestyle; after all, they’d been raised in a direct-selling household. Their mother had her own direct sales business and raised her family on her income, putting all five daughters through college. 

True to their personalities, Kari and Lisha jumped right into WorldVentures, decided to become DreamTrips™ Members, went on their first cruise and didn’t look back. What they lacked in experience, they quickly made up for with their infectious energy and enthusiasm.

“We wanted to be our own boss, make our own schedules, choose the people we wanted to work with, work from home and for ourselves and have no limitations on our earnings,” Kari says. In the beginning, “we probably did everything right and everything wrong, but we didn’t stop; we kept building. People could see our love of travel and our passion for life. We love new experiences and building relationships with others. It felt like this opportunity was created just for us.”

Ten years later, this powerhouse team has earned a slew of honors. They’re the top female income earners in the sales force and the first women to reach International Marketing Director. They went on to become WorldVentures’ first female Double IMDs and Million Dollar Ring earners. Despite all of the recognition, they identify most with opening doors and challenging expectations. “What we value most is that we can be role models for other women in this industry,” Lisha says. “If we can do this, they can, too!” 

Together, Kari and Lisha take monthly trips and leap at every chance to share the dream with others. They name Monte Carlo, Zimbabwe and Australia among their favorite destinations. Walking with lions on safari, lounging on a yacht in the French Riviera and taking a helicopter ride over the Great Barrier Reef, then landing on a private beach for an hour of solitude all are surreal experiences that, just 10 years ago, as struggling part-time employees in Los Angeles, they imagined they’d only see on TV in their lifetimes.

But thanks to their hard work and sacrifice, this is their reality. Ever mindful of the next goal, Kari and Lisha are focused on reaching Triple IMD and even Quadruple IMD, while creating several more millionaires on their team. “Watching people grow, seeing them as they walk across the stage at events, is amazing,” Kari says. “Often, they begin with no experience in this industry, and when they walk across that stage, they’re not the same people they were at the beginning.”

The twins teach their teammates that consistency is key. “Show up and do it, even when you don’t want to,” says Lisha. “When you do it once, it’s easier to repeat it.” 

Affirmation is critical, too, Kari says. “Our mom taught us to create vision boards, and we still use them. You have to set goals, write them down, and see yourself already there. You have to create a design for your future and stick to it. And don’t wait to feel motivated—put your plan into action and create the world you want to live in.”

Remaining teachable can help all of us become Masters in the Art of Living, the twins add. “We’ve been able to grow personally and professionally from the training and skills we learned from Marc Accetta and the executive team,” Lisha says. “Those lessons have helped us develop confidence and the mindset to succeed.” From zip lining in Africa to dancing in Barcelona, you’ll never find Kari and Lisha sitting on the sidelines of life. They’re loving every second of this dream.

Influenced by Chief Visionary Officer Wayne Nugent’s call to servant leadership, having the right attitude and realizing their highest potential, each day the twins pour into their team, showing how unique experiences and service to others make up the spectrum of success. “For us, being Masters in the Art of Living means living life to the fullest every day,” Lisha says.

“We love sharing peak life experiences and teaching others how to do the same. What you put out into the universe, you get back. We’ve changed so many lives simply by our decision to join WorldVentures. Our amazing team has helped more people achieve fun, freedom and fulfillment through our awesome product and our culture. Best of all, we’ve been able to give back to the WorldVentures Foundation. We hope to leave a legacy to our family and, someday, our children.”

“We absolutely love what we do,” Kari says. “We’re grateful that we’re living our purpose and our passion every day, and we’re going to continue to help change people’s lives and create more memories. It’s such freedom to be able to make a living by making a difference in the world.” 

Even 10 years later, “I still have WorldVentures insomnia!” Lisha laughs. “I can’t sleep because I’m having so much fun!”

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