Bonofa Management Arrested In Germany For $100 Million Fraud

Thomas Kulle, CEO, Bonofa


According to an article in the German paper saarbruecker-zeitung the Bonofa management is arrested for an up to $100 million + fraud around Bonofa and Alpha Pool.

Leading distributor Christian Goebel who lives in Dubai was not immidiately available for a statement.

Founders Detlef Tilgenkamp (63), Thomas Kulla (54), Gernot Fuhr (60) and Martin Böhm (38) were last week arrested.

The google translation of the German news article:

Arrested Managers were the focus of financial investigation.

Established under a large raid in Saarland (Germany) financial jugglers celebrated on the Internet as ingenious founders

The four detained managers have since 2014 trouble with the Financial Supervisory. In addition to gang-fraud being investigated for breaches of the Banking Act.

Detlef Tilgenkamp - Bonofa ArrestedAfter a major raid in which four financial jugglers were arrested, were more details on the activities of the men who were celebrating the Internet as ingenious founder known: Call to the detained 38-year-old financial manager from Zweibrücken some colleagues warned investigators have. He had asked to pack their bags, is reported. 

This have policemen who probably supervised phones, belongs. Since last Thursday sitting of the ingenious founder because of danger of collusion in remand as his three business partners in the age of 54 and 63 years from Riegelsberg, Saarbrücken and Wallerfangen. 

As already reported in detail (weekend edition), the investigators enforced 126 search warrants in several states – the majority in the Saarland. The allegations: commercial and gang excessive fraud on a grand scale. Investors and investors were cheated intentionally. 

The damage in two determining complexes (Alpha Pool and BONOFA) is estimated at over 20 million euros. About three detainees is also for violations of the Banking Act determined and wrongful.

Here are alleged criminal business methods of the Alpha pool, a joint stock company, which was converted later into a GmbH, at the center. The company had originally since March 2005 based in Saarbrücken, moved in December 2014 to Leipzig GmbH. 

There, the Financial Services reported in June 2015 bankruptcy. This occurred as the liquidator that the BaFin prohibited unauthorized banking transactions.

The business model of the Alpha pool was based on the purchase of capital life insurance and savings contracts. Investors were promised that if they invested their money in the Alpha pool high returns. 

Martin Bohm - Bonofa ArrestedSo obviously a model was offered in 2010, according to which 30 percent of the surrender value will be paid and doubled the balance after eight years. After SZ-information, investigators believe that thefinancial managers invested the money raised in appearance only. The German Bundesbank reported in a study of 2014 doubts whether the balance sheet overindebted Alpha Pool was able to use repayment obligations.

The business model of the Alpha pool manager apparently based on a fraudulent pyramid scheme, repayments to customers were – if ever – made with money of new clients.

In 873 cases transferred bona fide customers of the company, who were two lawyers Saarland aside their contracts. The damage is estimated at ten million euros.

About Bonofa

When the successful entrepreneurs Detlef Tilgenkamp and Thomas Kulla met, their biggest common goal was, and still remains today, to change the world for the better, to break down barriers in the established business world and give everyone the same opportunities they were able to make for themselves.

They looked at the future of the business world and saw the Internet as the world’s biggest untapped marketplace. All they needed was an extra spark of genius to fit their courage of reinvention and business genius.

They found this in the third and youngest founder of BONOFA, Martin Böhm. He came on board and gave the international start up in 2011 the innovative drive necessary to cut a path, which most companies find impossible, that is to do today what most are not thinking of until tomorrow. As the mastermind and lead developer, Martin Böhm is responsible for the worldwide expansion of BONOFA’s ground breaking web communication products.

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