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Marlene Farley, Modere


Marlene Farley comes to Moderea Triple AAA+ classified company by Business For Home – with decades of experience in the network marketing industry.

She brings a high level of dedication and devotion to Modere’s Live Clean philosophy and is ready to make history.

Marlene first heard about Modere through her friend and fellow Social Marketer, Stephanie Easterling.

“At the time I was not interested in moving around. I was very happy where I was and just wasn’t looking to change course.

It wasn’t until I saw Stephanie post her results with M3 that I became very excited to know more about Modere, especially since weight loss had been a main focus throughout my career.

“I decided to fly to Utah and see for myself what was going on. Living clean and being healthy is important to me so obviously, I was impressed by Modere’s line of products.

I was able to meet with the amazing people at the corporate office. After speaking with some of the leaders, I could tell they were genuinely interested in me, my team, and our values.”

GM of Modere North America, Justin Serra, immediately took notice of Marlene’s instant love for the company.

“Marlene’s values clearly align with Modere’s, and that’s something that dictates the quickest path to great achievements.

Marlene and her team are powerful players in this industry, and it’s apparent they will continue their road to success while at Modere.”

As a mother of nine children, Marlene’s passion has always been about being the best mom she could. Growing up, her single mother worked hard and inspired Marlene to do the same as well as appreciate everything life has to offer.

Now that she’s a mother, working from home has allowed her the freedom to make money and be with her family—something she’s always dreamed of. She’s always thought outside of the box, and 21 years ago, it was this thinking that got her into network marketing.

“I love that I can have a career of helping and inspiring people while being at home with my kids. It’s the best of both worlds.”

But it wasn’t always like this for Marlene. Along with experiencing the devastating loss of her first husband, Marlene was only given a few months to live after being diagnosed with breast cancer 11 years ago. She fought hard and starting living even healthier. After a few surgeries and tens of thousands of dollars of medical bills, Marlene was able to get her life back.

“Growing up and into my adult years, I didn’t always have much, but this career path has helped me provide for me and my children and kept me from going under with bills. I walked away from a large income, but I know what I’m doing at Modere is important. It’s my hope that my children, and others, will see that success is never found by chasing dollars, it’s found by following your heart, your passion, and always staying aligned with your core values, something Modere does well.”

Marlene continues to prove that it’s not always the monetary achievements that mean the most. In 2015, she used her income and influence to start an orphanage in India called the House of Hope. So far there are 15 kids there and, like everyone else, just want a better life. Marlene’s giving spirit and love for her fellow man is one of the most important parts of who she is today.

“My goals are to inspire, encourage, and lift others up while enjoying every aspect of life. The future is so bright and we are about make history here at Modere.”

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Modere is safe made sexy. We offer a category-leading portfolio of lifestyle essentials—personal care, health & wellness, and household products that are equal parts safe, high performing, and beautifully designed. Our formulas are proven and tested, and have been trusted by customers around the world for more than 25 years.

At Modere, we create more than just products—we create meaningful experiences. The Modere experience is catered specifically to the modern lifestyle, which takes place at the intersection of stylish, safe, and smart. For more information, please visit

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