Turker Arabacioglu – Mega Holdings Achieves Megastar Rank

Turker Arabacioglu, Mega Holdings



Turker Arabacioglu from Aydin, Turkey is 35 years young. He has achieved the top rank of Mega Star in the compensation plan and has build a team of 2,000 partners with an organization in 10 countries.

Mega star is the top position in Mega Holdings Compensation plan.

The company is providing online web hosting services with an international Direct Selling compensation plan.

Mega Holdings  is incorporated in Hong Kong and its Management team is headed by Chairman/Founder Michael Cheng, a successful business entrepreneur with rich experience in network marketing and other business investments in several parts of the world.

The pioneering spirit of Michael Cheng, began in mid-1999 in Hong Kong where he launched an online e-commerce company selling websites and hosting services.

This was initiated at a time when e-commerce was still in its infant stage of development. Thus began the journey of adventures and discoveries in e-commerce that spanned over 122 countries worldwide and that touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals across many cultural and national lines in a borderless world.

The catch slogan of ‘Mega Holdings changes the way people network. You change the way they live!’ soon caught on with the direct marketing communities in Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, India and other countries in Asia.

Their operations expanded from Asia to the Middle-East, the Gulf States, Iran (formerly Persia), Turkey, Germany and the rest of the 28 European Union countries and elsewhere worldwide.

Mega Holdings Convention

Mega Holdings Convention

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