The Forensic Networker: Beware Of Dream Stealers!

Ramin Mesgarlou


Be aware of dream stealers

Life wasn't perfect, something was missing and UNLIKE most you had the GUTS to do something about it by becoming SELF EMPLOYED utilizing the world’s most noble, fair and rewarding profession in DS/MLM.

With your new found surge of energy and enthusiasm for the future, you tell everyone about your new business and by virtue of bad luck, you run in to SUNBLOCKS who try hard to have you quit your dreams. Whether by ignorance or cowardly they shout,  oh is this one of those pyramid things or this is a scam not knowing a thing about your business.


You have seen the business presentations, met the people, heard the trainings and experienced the products yet you lend your ears to a SUNBLOCK who doesn’t know anything.

The next time an uninformed SUNBLOCK decides to mess you up by throwing up all over you with their ignorance, FIRMY tell them…

 “STOP, you are NOT QUALIFIED to give me your opinion yet. Once you see the business presentation, meet the people, read the materials and experience the world beating products, ONLY THAN I am willing to listen to your opinion. Even than it doesn’t make you right but at least you have earned the right to offer your opinion on my business”

Ramin Mesgarlou - The Forensic Networker

I have worked with and trained directly or indirectly over a million students for the past 26 years and I can tell you that ALL MLM success stories were attacked by SUNBLOCKS.  Everyone is told not to do MLM at first by uniformed and cowardly SUNBLOCKS aka friends and family. The strong, independent networkers realize that SUNBLOCKS don't pay their bills or offer any solutions yet they are committed to stop them from PROGRESS so they moved forward until they find MLM FREEDOM.

Enjoy my latest Forensic mantra “Don’t let anyone steal your dream”. I have made it in to a poster so you can easily share it everywhere for your SUNBLOCKS to read. Be loud about how you will take your advice from the people who are actually doing business with your company and not those who negligently make assumptions about your business because their Aunt Sally tried something similar 30 years ago.

Lastly …

Professional networkers realize that they don’t need PERMISSION or even ACCEPTANCE from their family, friends or associates to be self-employed much like they didn’t need permission to go get a job.

Professional Networkers are “Mental Warriors” and ready to aggressively repel negativity and certainly NEVER discouraged by it. How can you allow an external negative force that has NO significance in your life to negatively affect you internally? So STOP allowing people to set your future sail and start controlling your environment. 

“No ship in the world can sink a ship unless it gets inside of it”

Ramin Mesgarlou aka The Forensic Networker

“Mental Warriors” – Forensic terminology for MLM beasts that don’t know how to quit. These warriors are shielded daily with PD books, audio and mentors (personal development)

“SUNBLOCKS” – Negative people who are committed to impose their losing ways on others. They never have any solutions; they complain about everything and blame their misfortunes on the economy, taxes, and government, everyone including aunt Matelda.

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