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Ronen Triffon, Global Wealth Trade


Ronen Triffon, a sought after public speaker, coach and mentor to thousands around the globe, is the first Global Wealth Trade (GWT) Regional Ambassador for Australia and New Zealand.

After 25 years in the conventional Health & Wellness MLM industry, Ronen was invited into the GWT club as an E-MALL Operator and Luxury Consultant 28 months ago.

Since then he has achieved massive growth and many prestigious rewards. When we asked Ronen what is the reason he has chosen to create his “piéce de resistance” in the MLM world with GWT, he replied:

There are 3 major reasons:

The compensation plan

The conventional health & wellness/products & services MLM industry is a remarkable innovation that began in 1945 with Amway, and delivers an opportunity for the average individual to become a self-sufficient entrepreneur that can eventually unshackle themselves from financial slavery and achieve financial freedom.

However, in my 2.5 decades of experience, I have discovered that although the industry provides remarkable products, empowering communities, social activities, self-development and the ability to develop many new and important skills. However, from the financial aspect, only 1% reach $10,000 a month income, 3-5% reach approx. $6,000 per annum, and the remainder only earn a few hundred dollars sporadically over the period of a year.

In GWT, the CEO/founder and visionary, Ramin Mesgarlou, has created a unique formula that levels the playing field by identifying and removing all the pitfalls of our industry. By doing so, he has created the first hybrid business platform of its kind in human history.

Ronen Triffon On Stage

The first ever variant, free-flowing binarywithout ranks and qualifications that pays 80% of our profits in straight RESIDUAL INCOME LIFELONG commission, and the other 20% is set aside for the development of leadership in the form of bonuses, travel, cars and global sales revenue share. As opposed to conventional MLM which pays 80% of the profits in bonuses that are restricted by ranks – which means if you don’t qualify you don’t get paid – and only 20% in straight residual income commissions.

Furthermore, Ramin found a remarkable alternative to the biggest challenge of our industry – auto-ship – which results in only 6% retention across the industry (which means that 94% of all product users will leave the auto-ship program and cease consuming the product within months).  These are just a few of the 25 revolutionary upgrades that Ramin has incorporated into his system. To view the video of the entire list click here:

Team Ronen Triffon

Team Ronen Triffon

The products

Due to the fact that the Mesgarlou family have been manufacturing high-end luxury designer goods for the last 120 years, the GWT product offering is of the highest standard available in the world today. The quality, warranty and innovative designs of this Fashion House can be summed up by Ramin’s own motto “ If it exists, make it BETTER, if it doesn’t, CREATE IT”. Now I know that every company claims they are the best in their field but here is a distinct difference between GWT’s VERIFIED and independently AUTHENTICATED claims vs. the industry’s UNVERIFIED & embellished claims.

Let me explain …

In MLM, no one says they have the second best product, every company in MLM claims they are the best so it’s difficult for health and wellness distributors to find customers as there are now 2000 companies all claiming to be the best. The reason why every company can make those claims is because the industry is NOT REGULATED closely and no one has a laboratory in their home to assess the claims.

In GWT we have it tough because we are operating in a highly regulated industry and when we claim to be the best like our 21 Karat FERI MOSH collection, it must be authenticated by an independent lab like International Gemmological Institute.

This is why our #1 claim has been undisputed for the past decade. Health & Wellness companies are STORY DRIVEN and not fact driven and every time a new MLM company with a new story and #1 claim launches, they draw all their distributors from other competing companies hence the very low DSA 10% industry retention.

Forensic Networker

After building teams numbering over 100,000 people in 4 different MLM Health & Wellness organizations, it is my professional opinion that the Forensic Networker Management System invented by Ramin Mesgarlou aka The Forensic Networker is without a doubt the best management system I have ever worked with. It is the ultimate tool for creating a close to perfect leader duplication environment in MLM communities. For more info please visit


Combining the industry’s most advanced MLM University the Forensic Networker Management System with the high quality VISUAL products and massive profit margins in the sexiest industry in the world, is what makes GWT by far the most attractive and profitable business opportunity in the world of MLM today. Let me invite you to find out more.

Listen to Ronen’s  interview on the MLM Nation podcast:

Get more information, facts and figures about Opulence Global, click here for the Opulence Global overview.

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