5 Reasons To Start Paying Attention To Network Marketing

Nathan Ricks, Nu Skin, Top Leader


Top Leader Nathan Ricks is a world-renown network marketer, public speaker, and businessman. He has been a leader in network marketing for three decades. His explosive career began in 1989 when he created an independent distributor force of 100,000 people in just 24 short months.

Nathan has since become a member of the $20 Million Dollar Circle. He is the founder of One Team Global (OTG), a worldwide sales organization with over 500,000 distributors in 54 countries.

Nathan Ricks:

I read an article the other day about starting a business for retirement income and how this practice may be one of the most significant trends impacting retirement in the 21st century.

After reading, I was inspired to write a follow-up tied into network marketing. I predict this industry’s growth is about to explode over next few decades for retirement reasons and more.

If you aren’t sure about network marketing yet, it’s time you change your perception and board this stream rolling train.

Here are five reasons to start paying attention to network marketing:

1. There is a Global need for supplemental income

As people get to retirement age, they realize they are not prepared. They have little to no savings. They don’t have any investments, and they think they will live on Social Security or some other government retirement plan.

The only problem is no one ever contemplated that MOST people would live into their 80’s.  If you make it to 25 years of age, your average life expectancy is 85.  This life span will only be extended over time, further exacerbating the problem.  

Almost every pension plan is underfunded around the world. Record low interest rates haven’t helped.  The day is here now when you CANNOT rely on any other organization or government to take care of you in retirement.  You will be asked to work longer and delay taking benefits as pension fund managers make desperate attempts to stretch fund assets as far as they can go.  It is too little, too late.

All of this means there is a massive need for supplemental income. The ability to add $1,000 or $2,000 a month will double MOST retirees monthly incomes.  This extra money will transform their retirement experience.  

These FACTS will continue to drive people into credible network marketing companies. They aren’t going to dig ditches at 70 or 80, but they can open their mouths and share about products, opportunity and community. 

2. There is a need to be active and engaged

People are living a lot longer. Being involved, active, and engaged in something is one of the most important parts of staying young. There is a social connection and sense of belonging when you are a part of a movement helping people. 

3. There is a need for a more efficient business model.  In this business, rewards = contribution, period!  

There is no such thing as being overpaid OR underpaid. You get paid exactly what you produce in terms of product sales to customers, creation of a network of people doing the same thing, and leadership development. You get paid exactly what you’re worth – no more or no less.

In the corporate world, people get paid all of the time without producing!  That makes network marketing inherently more efficient.  Efficient business models will be models that win going forward.

4. Today the world is a network

The world has literally transformed into our business model.  And it continues to do so as technology evolves and the internet brings us closer together.  Individuals are connected to three times more people today than they were 20 years ago before the advent of the internet and Social Media. Our future as network marketers is incredibly bright!

5. There is unparalleled growth potential

We are seeing unparalleled growth in this industry right now. When you stop to think of the future of Network Marketing, think of these parallels:

In the late 1940’s and early 1950’s (after WWII) the concept of a franchise business gained traction.  In a franchise, you rent the business model that someone else (Franchisor) has perfected.  One of the very first franchises was started by John Pemberton in 1886 when he created a beverage with a secret recipe and licensed bottling territories to others.

This became Coca Cola.  Rexall Drug Stores and even General Motors started out as Franchises .  As in any new industry or business model there are abuses by un-ethical promoters and business persons (think of the robber barons and anti-trust regulations).  By the 1960’s franchising was getting a black eye.  Deceptive sales practices, double selling the same franchise territories to different persons and financial insolvency of the Franchisor were rampant.  Eventually, in 1979 federal regulation came into play. The unscrupulous and under-funded Franchisors went away and the legitimate players who complied with the FTC regulations changed and became giants.  (Think Subway, McDonalds and others.)

Now days, franchising is viewed as a completely legitimate industry. It has created many millionaires — it’s become a phenomenon.

Network marketing started in the 1930’s in the United States, and since that time only 13 companies have achieved over $1 Billion in sales annually. Over that same time hundreds of thousands of companies have started and failed. Anytime you have a new industry like this, it can be like the Wild West.

The same process that happened in Franchising is happening with network marketing. The crazy Wild West days are going away. The 2016 FTC settlements with Herbalife & Vemma introduced new federal guidelines and regulations that will become the standard that all Network Marketing companies will be expected to comply with in the future.  Companies with ethical management that are willing to comply with these guidelines will become the Subway’s and McDonald’s of the industry.  Change is happening, and it is happening right now in the Network Marketing industry.  

The future is even brighter because:

  • 13 Companies over $1 Billion Annually — The perception is shifting. We are really just hitting our power band. Network marketing is coming to its maturation stage. People are figuring out what successful business models are and network marketing is one of those at the top. Old business models don’t work like they used to and everyone knows it (think Rolodex, Block Buster Video, Yellow Pages and paper maps)
  • Technology is massively on our side — We can talk to anyone we want, anywhere in the world, anytime we want, for as long as we want; FOR FREE.
  • We will see $20B, $30B & $40B network companies rise because the golden age of Network Marketing has arrived.   

Final thoughts?

If you are lucky enough to learn about this industry and be part of it in a legitimate company, your future is going to change. More importantly, you will affect the lives of literally millions of people in the process.  That is something worth spending your time for.

About Nathan Ricks

Nathan is a world-renown network marketer, public speaker, and businessman. He has been a leader in network marketing for three decades. His explosive career began in 1989 when he created an independent distributor force of 100,000 people in just 24 short months at Nu Skin.

Nathan has since become a member of the 20 Million Dollar Circle of Nu Skin Enterprises. He is one of largest distributors in Nu Skin’s history, and the founder of One Team Global (OTG), a worldwide sales organization with over 500,000 distributors in 54 countries.

As part of building the OTG team, Nathan created System 7, a training program that teaches distributors how to be successful in the industry — and it’s working. The OTG team is responsible for the movement of nearly 1 Billion USD in Nu Skin/Pharmanex products annually. For more info please visit: www.NathanRicks.me


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