Global Intellect Service Expands Outside Russia With UDS Game

Global Intellect Service, Vjacheslav Ushenin, CEO


Top leader Viacheslav Ushenin is founder and CEO of Global Intellect Service (GIS) a leading IT company based in Russia. Their Russian convention Result of the Year 2016 attracted 6,000 visitors.

After a successful start in Russia and CIS in 2014 this innovative company conquers new territories rapidly.

The reason of such success is the company flagship product UDS Game which was created with the involvement of the most qualified developers from different parts of the world.

UDS Game – is an international loyalty program. It can be attractive for regular customers and also for business owners. Everything is simple for customers, in other words, for all users UDS Game is a mobile application that provides discounts and let customers accumulate scores in all venues participating in the program.

The mobile app is available on the AppStore or PlayMarket.

All you need is to download the application from the AppStore or PlayMarket, choose any company from the list, press on the discount button and present a unique code on your screen to cashier.

Russian Convention Global Intellect Service

CEO and founder Viacheslav Ushenin stated:

UDS Game is a comprehensive solution for businesses that includes mobile application and specific tools for business process optimization.

The UDS Game mobile app is an innovative methods for attracting and retaining customers.

CRM and the Game Admin mobile app allow to get full information about business processes of your company as well as help you optimize the services and communication chains with customers.

Smart business provided by GIS has its own rewards plan. Partners of the company may receive up to 10 types of remuneration for high promotion results. In addition, GIS has created several extra bonuses for partners such as: Auto bonus, recreation and overseas training sessions etc.

About Global Intellect Service

Global Intellect Service creates innovative products for business and life. Our brand is built on 3 pillars, another advertisement, supply & demand, marketing mix.

Implementation of referral marketing to traditional business as an alternative to advertising. Our mobile app gives an opportunity to unify a great number of customers and suppliers. Combination of marketing instruments helps to simplify the process of communication with customers. For more information please visit:

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