Interview With Multi Million Dollar Earner Steve Mitchell

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With 26 years’ experience, Steve Mitchell is a veteran of the direct-sales & network marketing industry.

His career earnings now surpass $10.7 million, and he has been a consistent ‘million dollar a year’ earner for many years.

Ranked as one of the top network marketing professionals in the world (voted #18 in the world of Global Networkers), and is in the ‘Top 100 Hall of Fame Networking Industry Income Earners’.

Steve Mitchell will be sharing many of his key business-building tips when he appears as one of our Speakers at the European Direct Sales Forum on 22 and 23 April in Amsterdam The Netherlands.

Some individuals have enjoyed success in the network marketing industry by simply ‘getting lucky’, finding themselves in the right place at the right time once or twice, but in contrast Steve has demonstrated consistently throughout his career that he has the ability, and the proven system, to duplicate success and grow significant global networks time after time……and in the process has change literally tens of thousands of people’s lives!

Ted Nuyten caught up with Steve to ask him a few questions…

What would you attribute as the #1 Reason for your success?

“Valuing the importance of building relationships. Focus more on people and what THEY want, rather than trying to ‘pitch them’ a business opportunity, which only may satisfy what you want, and maybe not what they want. To really ‘know’ what someone wants, ask questions – lots of questions – but then really listen to the answers.”

What’s the key mistake a new person makes starting out on their networking career?

“Two things – first thing without question, realise that just like starting any new business, real work is involved. Teaching ‘how to’ build any large organisation is quite straightforward – all capable Leaders should be able to do that.  What the new person needs to realise is the knowledge (the ‘how to’) means nothing with effort and taking action.

Often our industry sets itself up by suggesting it’s an ‘easy route to riches’. It’s not!  Real success ONLY comes with real effort. New people must be aware of this and be prepared to work to make their new business a success.

The second thing is how they start their new people.  Too many people think their job is done when they enrol a new person; this is the beginning of the process, not the end.  Enrolling someone is when the real work starts, and way too many people in our industry think an “I’m here if you need me” attitude will cut it in terms of offering support and helping a new person get started. That’s so wrong!

Imagine walking into your first day at work, being shown your desk and being told “Just get on with it” and “I’m here if you need me” – how much success would the new person achieve that way? What if all enrollers adopted a responsibility to help their new person get some level of success in their first 30-days, and had a clear ‘getting started’ process to make that happen. If someone’s new to this industry I urge you – start your new people correctly!”

You’ve worked with several companies over the years – what would you say to others that have changed companies, or thinking of changing?

“There’s no question that longevity with a company has its rewards.  Understanding a company’s products; their business system; their culture, and building the foundations of an organisation to find the correct leaders – all this can take time, and so staying with a company for the long-term offers a greater chance to achieve this.  But, like in the conventional career world, someone might change jobs several times until they find the ‘right’ job, that’s also true of this networking industry. We all work for ourselves so we need to find that ‘right’ company to partner with, and if someone feels they are not in the right place, they should not be afraid to make changes, after all we’re all taking only one journey through this life – make sure the path you are on is the right one!”

What’s the one thing you would change about the network marketing industry?

“Attrition (drop-out rates) – the amount of people that come into the industry with genuine hopes and dreams that they are looking to have fulfilled, and yet they don’t come close for so many reasons, with the result they drop-out with a less-than-positive attitude about MLM – we must change that; all of us who care so much about this industry, and believe in it so strongly, MUST change that. We all have a responsibility to help everyone get success, not just the few! 

Personally, I’m clear on what needs to change, and in part it was a strong reason why we took time to find our eventual business ‘home’. We were looking for somewhere the ‘95%’ can get success, not just the ‘5%’.  Most people don’t like selling, they don’t like recruiting, yet they do network marketing every day – recommending books, films, holidays, restaurants – so we know they can do this, but for them to get success they need to ‘do’ the business in a way that comes naturally to them. A model of ‘recruit, sell, recruit, sell’ does NOT come naturally to them and any business that requires that causes the 95% to fail.”

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