Andreea & Iulian Cimbala, A Sister And Brother Who Achieve $1 Million+ Per month

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Andreea Cimbala and Iulian Cimbala from Italy, are breaking records around the world with their organization Success 4 All OneDreamTeam.

Iulian Cimbala was the first of the two to find out about the Network Marketing world about five years ago and, as an older brother who had just discovered something really good, he wanted his sister to be part of it.

The success story of this young woman and leader is really incredible, as she has become the first woman to enter the Top Earners chart at Business For Home and reach the number 3 position, earning $1,6 million a month and steadily increasing her income.

Today, you don't have to be too smart to understand that the world is changing. Technology prevails, and physical work will disappear in the future. I understood that Network Marketing is a new industry, a proven industry that has created many more millionaires than any traditional industry.

Network Marketing would be a kind of business that would allow me to work with people I want, wherever I want. Iulian became the sponsor of his sister in the first opportunity they both worked with. He invited me to a presentation, and I came only because he was my brother. Andreea says. When I started in this industry, I was still in high school, a very intelligent girl, I wanted to go to college.

I always had my dream of becoming a businesswoman.

In spite of the lack of experience, their energy and the desire to learn and to triumph have led them to quite impressive achievements in a very short time.

And despite having worked only a few years in the industry, both are making impressive careers. Iulian Cimbala is one of the youngest people to gain astronomical income in this industry. In fact, one of the most outstanding talents of Iulian Cimbala is his ability of finding young people with little or no experience in Network Marketing and getting them to become great leaders and stars of the industry with a real success story. He has built a solid and ever-growing team that consists of these young stars, sponsored, trained and supervised by him.

Those young leaders also take part in Success 4 All and are today high income earners with incomes reaching and, in many cases, exceeding $100,000 per month. Iulian is known to be one of the most charismatic, motivational speakers not only in the company, but also throughout the whole Network Marketing industry. And being able to speak fluently in seven languages, he is in charge of running Success 4 All in several countries such as Italy, Greece, Turkey, Romania, the UK, Bulgaria and others, where the company has thousands of active and energetic members.

Both Iulian and Andreea were coached by Igor E. Alberts, one of the legends of the industry, a top earner known as The Mentor of Mentors. Igor would also become Andreea's husband, and together they would create and lead the international organization Success 4 All OneDreamTeam.

Andreea Cimbala represents a historical precedent, conquering business positions usually occupied by men and doing so at such a young age. Andreea is a role model for many women in her organization Success 4 All, where she has also set the goal of creating more and more women with the Diamond Rank, who will eventually also hold top positions. Her organization numbers more than 200,000 members, among them OneLife IMAs, who are working around the world.

Members on each continent of the world. With only 4 years of experience in the industry, she is one of the most compelling living examples that success is a matter of attitude and focus. As well as dedication, working hard up to 18 hours a day because of her great passion for the industry and for the success of her team. Becoming a mother hasn't stopped Andreea a single moment, but, in her own words, has pushed her even more towards success, since her baby Hermes is now one of her greatest inspirations and motivations to grow and develop.

Her little son accompanies her throughout the world, he has already attended numerous presentations of his mother. With only one year and one month of age, Hermes has already collected more than 70 trips in his passport.

I wanted to become a mother before turning 30, I wanted my own business going on before 30.

Andreea explains how she decided to leave her studies so as to dedicate herself completely to Network Marketing.

I was told that by listening to successful people and doing the same thing you can get results, so I said, why not? I started by myself, listened to other leaders, put together several things and created my own puzzle. I realised my inner leader. And if I had to do it again, I would take the same decision. Like her brother, Andreea speaks fluently in 7 languages, and there are other languages ??she is familiar with. This helps her work with the members of her Success 4 All team in almost any part of the world.

Because the key to such success, global, involving committed and motivated people from all countries of the world, is always good communication between all parties. One of my dreams to fulfil in the coming years is to become a mother of three children and to be a woman who inspires other women throughout the world. I have realized that in many cultures, in many countries women are still behind the scenes. And I always wanted to be independent, to be a businesswoman, to be a mother, to be financially free.

And if I can do so, many women all over the world can do it too. I look for them and believe in them.

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