Cathy Lau Achieves $1.2 Million In Career Earnings With Allysian Sciences

Cathy Lau, Allysian Sciences

Sitting in her penthouse suite overlooking the beautiful Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong, Cathy Lau, recalls her first experience with network marketing.

At the age of 27, Cathy was looking for something that can help her pay for the debt accrued from a failing business. Half believing in the industry and half looking for an easy way out, Cathy joined one of the biggest companies in the industry.

“I was destined to fail.  Although I had a good reason to do the business, I had no skills whatsoever” says Cathy.  And so she did fail.  Like most people who enter the industry, Cathy failed at her first and second attempt.

But unlike most people who failed in network marketing, Cathy didn’t blame the company, the products or the industry.  She knew the industry and the companies she joined worked because so many other people made money in them. “So why not me?  Why can’t I be one of those top income earners” she asked.

After some reflection, Cathy pinpointed that success doesn’t come easy; it requires hard work, dedication and, a lot of times, failure before achieving success. “It’s like watching a love story at the age of 7 but not truly understanding what it means to fall in love or experience heartache.  When you watch that same movie years later,  you know how it feels”. The industry is very much the same, you need to fail, make mistakes, build a network and then hone your skills consistently before truly finding success”.

In 2009, Cathy decided to enter the industry again but this time with a new mindset.  This time she was ready to succeed.  She committed 100% of herself.   She read books on the industry and on sales techniques.

She learned everything she could about network marketing.  This time it was business, not a part-time “hobby”.  Failure was not an option.  Within a matter of a few short years, Cathy became the leader she wanted to be.  She was one of the people she used to see walk across stage receiving huge commission checks.  She became the top income earner in Hong Kong.  Within a few short years she went from living in a small one bedroom rental apartment to owning a 3000 square feet pent house suite in one of the world’s most expensive cities.

In 2016, through an acquaintance, Cathy came across 8 time Olympic medalist, Apolo Ohno. Apolo’s vision of changing people’s lives through changing the way they think caught Cathy’s attention. Apolo and his partner Rod had just founded a company called Allysian Sciences and their mission was to change lives and help others redefine their possible.

Through her experience of failure and success she saw how a simple switch in her mindset determined her success and she immediately wanted to be a part of the Allysian mission.  Within a month of joining the company, Cathy became the company’s top ranking affiliate.  And in less than a year’s time, Cathy is the company’s top income earner.

Watching Cathy work, it is no surprise to anyone why she’s so successful.  Even now when she has already made the money, you can find Cathy at the office doing weekly trainings and helping her teammates with prospects. “

The secret to success in this industry, besides hard work, is love. You must have a lot of love to give to your team.  You must love them enough to want only the best for them.  When they succeed, you naturally will be taken care of” says Cathy.

About Allysian Sciences

Led by global entrepreneur Rod Jao and the most decorated American winter Olympian of all time, 8x medalist Apolo Ohno, Allysian Sciences™ is guided by a diverse team of individuals who are experts in their own fields. From research and development specialists to world-class athletes, our team finds the very best methods, products, and training to empower others in being better at whatever they choose to do.

The driving force was the belief that there had to be better products out there, ones that we could proudly provide to our family and friends and also utilize ourselves, while helping create life long wellness habits. For more info please visit

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