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Network Marketing Company Review

Sounds familiar?

Your Direct Sales prospect – a future distributor or customer – start searching on the Internet after your presentation, call or meeting, and ends up on an anti network marketing website, which was made to attract traffic, based on false information. The reverse marketing approach.

Prospect believes the anti network marketing website and is lost.

It happens in my Multi Level Marketing career (years ago)  several times…

Search for Herbalife Review, Jeunesse Review, Avon review, to mention a few, your prospects might get false information. Often those false websites end up high in the search results at Google or Yahoo.

Therefore we at Business For Home have created a Company review website based on our data, facts and figures and our objective is give true information.

What can you do?

Put a review in – your opinion and experience with the product or service and compensation plan. The more quality reviews the higher it will end up in search engines 🙂

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