Heka Appoints Douglas Robinson As CEO To Support WOR(l)D Global Network Expansion

Douglas C. Robinson CEO Heka Corporation

Heka Corporation is an early stage products and services company in the healthy living space.

Following the success of its wellness and lifestyle apps exclusively available on the Helo App Store, Heka intends to develop a unique range of products and services that comply with the regulated healthcare environment.

These products will include diagnostic and related analysis kits, smartbands approved for the healthcare sector and a range of apps including a non-invasive, blood glucose monitoring app, which is soon to enter clinical trials.

Douglas C. Robinson has been hired as Heka’s CEO to lead Heka’s entry in to the regulated healthcare environment and to build Heka’s business. Mr. Robinson brings more than 30 years of industry leadership expertise to this role, having held senior leadership positions with PricewaterHouseCoopers, Deloitte Consulting, and United Health Group.

In addition, since 2007, Mr. Robinson has been CEO of WorkWell Systems, Inc. and LifeVantage Corporation, as well as President of Global Rescue Direct.

Mr. Robinson said,

“I am very excited and honored to take Heka Corporation forward.


The advanced technology that is available to Heka and its partners is incredible and when combined with the explosive healthcare needs and expectations of consumers throughout the world, it makes this Heka opportunity second to none!”

He continued to say, “We have the opportunity to arm healthcare consumers with wearable devices that will forever change the relationship between patient and provider. We can and will shift the paradigm from reactive healthcare response to proactive healthcare action, creating happier, healthier, more comfortable and in control consumers working in concert with their care providers like never before.”

Fabio Galdi, CEO of World Global Network Corp., said,

“I am delighted that Doug has joined Heka. He is a proven performer in the industry and he is joining Heka at just the right time.

I am confident that with Doug’s experienced leadership, Heka will successfully navigate the regulatory environment and will build a successful partnership with us, so that World Global Network can supply the need for Helo in the healthcare sector.”

Under Mr Robinson’s direction and to consolidate its partnership with World Global Network, Heka’s flagship customer, Heka will open up an office in Provo, Utah to facilitate the development of exclusive products and services for World Global Network.

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