Starbit Announces Worldwide Customer Based Contest

Luana Sicari, Chief Sales Officer Starbit Internatioanl

Starbit International has announced an exciting worldwide contest that is already impacting global sales volumes.

All promoters from all around the world are invited to run & win.

“Annual Contest of Starbit Leaders Retreat and Sales contest is an exciting announcement.

The promoters simply achieving the rank of Ruby (25.000 pv) in the Starbit career plan, will win a luxury trip/incentive to Greece at the end of August 2017, with an incredible training program, together with fun and relax and networking with new friends from all around the globe,”

says Luana Sicari, CSO.

“You wil be back home after the trip, and your life, will never be the same, it’s not just a vacation.

It’s something more, with a vision and a planning of our future together. This is the reason why we want the best with us”.

The idea is simple: Promoters just need a team selling just 10 “Customers Bundle packs” between July 1st and July 31th to win a 7 days luxury vacation and training program all included!

The winners will be announced by the company on August 5th.

At Starbit they don’t spare on expenses. In just 2 months from official launch, they want as many people as possible to share momentum and growth with.

“Difficult?? Come on! It’s very easy and simple for everyone to be successful in Starbit” continues Luana Sicari.

“Just stopping being too technical or too difficult, and start talking the language that normal people can understand: show results, share stories and testimonials… and with Brutus this is so simple! It’s what really works in network marketing, and so in Starbit too.

Everyone can win this great incentive and spend 1 whole week face to face with all of us, with the leaders that are already experiencing interesting results. Learn from their success stories. Blockchain with Network marketing is a way to lead normal people to a fantastic new world, and Brutus software is our dream came true”.

 “If I look behind at 12 months ago, when all was just a dream, I am very proud of where we are in just 2 months”

says Giovanni Lionetti, Finance and Administration at Starbit. “Starbit has already paid over 600 BTC of commissions to its promoters and leaders working hard to achieve their dreams.”

A new company with a clear Vision, working hard with many new ideas to spread its mission and build a stable business model opportunity for generations to come. Everyone looking for a stable opportunity, willing to pay the natural price of growth, to get a phenomenal final prize, is welcome in Starbit.

About Starbit International

Under the wise direction of a group of investors and technology partners, we can rely to a tem of experts in various areas ready to support the community, with over twenty years experience on financial management, administration, sales and technological innovation. A professional staff is at your service.

We are committed to selecting everything needed for a person to be informed and about blockchain technologies and various applications, making it easier, in a progressive manner, accessible to all, thus saving time and resources to anyone interested in this area.

The goal is to offer various degrees of knowledge to those who are interested in playing an acting rule, without the needing to become experts, like is happening today. Starbit also offers an opportunity to those who want to transform all this in a work from home opportunity.

Starbit uses a compensation plan that claims to be full compliance worldwide as there are no fees to subscribe, nothing to buy, and distributors are rewarded only from the sales of services. Starbits rewards distributors and accept payments by customers exclusively in Bitcoin.

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