Steve Carter Achieves Double President At World Global Network

Steve Carter World Global Network

In record-breaking time, Steve Carter hit the prestigious position of Double President in WOR(l)D Global Network and is now among only a few people in the history of the company to have accomplished this within the first couple weeks of joining.

Steve has generated a half million in revenue in his first cycle of business.

Steve Carter states:

“Having been a leader in the network marketing profession now for over 20 years, and having earned millions of dollars in my career, the way I approach every aspect of business and every aspect of my life is with well-thought-out calculation, due diligence, and execution.

With that said, even with me having immediate success in this company, I still waited to do this article so that I would be able to speak from the heart and with authenticity about what I see and feel. That time has come.

I have far too many people that trust my judgment and decisions for me to take any business decisions lightly, especially in the case where many people are looking for their leader to make the kind of decisions that will impact thousands of other people’s lives. Our industry is about sharing real opportunities of hope and possibilities with others.

So, when I received a phone call from Mike Sims (although my business plate was already pretty full from building an existing network marketing business, speaking engagements, and building a very successful coaching business), I took his call seriously because of his track record in network marketing.

A mentor of mine once told me to always be open to hearing about an opportunity. When making million-dollar decisions, it’s important to analyze who you want to make those decisions with.

And the thing that made the decision easier for me was when I got a chance to meet with and hear from some of the leaders that were already on board, such as Nat and Chanida Puranaputra, Chad and Nattida Chong, Romacio Fulcher, Jeremy Roma, and a few others. I realized we have more things in common than not.

Our backgrounds and experiences are very similar:

(1) We have all earned millions of dollars in this profession, but we recognize the importance of continuing to build assets.

(2) We have all become ambassadors for the entire industry, and we recognize that we have a responsibility to build people.

(3) We all feel that we have a very unique opportunity to assemble a “never-before-seen” all-star team.

My mission in life is to help as many people as possible to change their lives forever. I recently lost my dad to a heart attack, but I felt blessed to have had the ability to do a lot for my parents.

I was able to bring them on cruises, exotic vacations, fly them to Dallas to spend time with their grand-kids, and help them out financially whenever they needed anything. I was able to provide them with a lifestyle that they didn’t see coming.

There are so many people that have never been able to do these things for the people they love, and I want to change that!

I have learned over the years that being able to identify those rare individuals that truly want to participate in their own rescue is the key to duplicating massive success. I also fully understand the 3 Percent Rule. You may be thinking, “What’s the 3 Percent Rule?”

How many times have we all heard other people say, “Only 3 percent of people make money in network marketing”? That does not mean you have a 3 percent chance of winning big! It simply means that that 3 percent does the opposite of what 97 percent of people do. Everyone has a shot of winning. It just depends whether you are willing to do what you need to do—and to do it correctly!

Anytime someone works with me, there are three things they can count on:

(1) Training

(2) Support

(3) Results

With that said, it’s also important to make sure your vehicle of choice has all of the key components to offer a real and fair chance to win.

(1) The Product

When I first saw WOR(l)D’s flagship product (the Helo), I immediately recognized that there’s nothing else like it on the market—especially in network marketing. This product is like having a “body dashboard” that alerts you of what’s going on in your body. What if all parents and kids had this?  This can change the world!

(2) The Trend

Experts are projecting that wearable technology will generate twenty billion dollars in new revenue over the next two and a half years!  So, my first thought was, “Man oh man… How many people can now get a seat at the financial table that wouldn’t have been there before?”

(3) The Timing

The Helo was brought to market in September 2016. Therefore, it’s not even a year old at the time of this article. So many people have been praying for a ground floor opportunity.

(4) The Team

I’ve never seen so many top industry leaders all coming to the same company. When has this ever happened? Never—at least not that I’ve seen. And I’m so very thankful for the incredible team of leaders that I have joining my team. They are true champions that I’m honored to do business with, and we are just getting started!

(5) The Management

The CEO, Fabio Galdi, and his team have merged three powerful industries: technology, wellness, and network marketing. When has that been done? Again, never! And these guys are high-level tech experts that have no doubt that WOR(l)D will stay ahead of the changes in technology.

(6) The Comp Plan

In all my years in this industry, it’s not just the amount of money being earned in this company that’s impressive, but the short amount of time it’s taking for these incomes to be earned. Multiple top leaders in WOR(l)D rank among the top networkers in the entire world of network marketing.

(7) The Company

When I found out that this company is operating in 195 Countries around the world and realized that everyone has access to the internet I thought, “Game on! No limits!”

After evaluating all of the items listed above, it became obvious to me that this company is unquestionably a company that needed to be added to my portfolio of business as a very solid additional asset.

I plan on hitting the highest rank in this company one way and one way only—by simply helping others get to the top!

I also feel great about the fact that I can continue to run multiple businesses while building this business. It’s rare in business where the philosophy of the owners celebrates your entrepreneurship  and wants you to build a long-term multimillion-dollar “exit strategy” by sharing in the ownership of WOR(l)D through the stock program.

Mark my words…

I am on a mission to place people’s futures in their own hands. How lucky we are to have the right vehicle help people to reach their goals. When it’s all said and done, it’s truly about how can we all become World Changers! I can’t wait to meet my next leaders!”

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