Vasayo’s Founder Dallin Larsen Gives Impactful Keynote On Leadership At Family History Expo

Vasayo, Founder & CEO, Dallin Larsen

With its theme of “Connecting Families: One Person at a Time,” the Family Roots Expo held September 15 and 16, 2017, in St. George, Utah, provided attendees with a wide range of family history and genealogical ideas and updates. However, perhaps the most captivating (and surprising) addition to the speaking roster was a luncheon keynote on the “10 Points of Leadership” given by Utah Businessman Dallin Larsen.

As the CEO of Vasayo and “serial entrepreneur,” he was asked to outline his thoughts on the importance of leadership as he not only addressed genealogists, but also business leaders. Courage and focus are key to not only “connect individuals” but to build strong families, businesses, and communities, according to event organizers.

Of the experience, Larsen reports, “I was honored to speak to a group of CEOs and business leaders in St. George, Utah, a few days ago at a Family History conference. Several thousand people attended this event. It’s gratifying for me to meet individuals who are willing to take financial risks in the pursuit of their dreams.”

Each of us has a duty to be leaders in our homes and businesses, Larsen said. “This country needs more, not fewer, entrepreneurs. All those in leadership positions have a huge responsibility to lead wisely and teach correct and true principles that stand the test of time.”

Dallin Larsen’s 10 Points of Leadership Include:

1. Leaders dream big dreams.

2. Leaders never quit on themselves.

3. Leaders understand the value of work and focus.

4. Leaders chase their passion, not their pension.

5. Leaders are risk takers; willing to fail in order to succeed.

6. Leaders master the art of communication.

7. Leaders improve themselves continually.

8. Leaders are willing to make difficult decisions?—?decisively.

9. Great leaders in history move from success to significance.

10. Leadership sometimes requires loneliness.

Dallin Larsen asserts that leadership is needed in all pursuits in life and following these points will ensure success, satisfaction, and a life of significance, which will leave a lasting legacy for all to follow.

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