Global Intellect Service Launches UDS Game 2.0

Global Intellect Service, Viacheslav Ushenin, CEO

In 2015 Global Intellect Service launched a flagship product called UDS Game.

Top leader Viacheslav Ushenin is founder and CEO of a leading IT company Global Intellect Service (GIS). Their convention “Result of the Year 2016” attracted 6,000 visitors. After a successful start this innovative company conquers new territories rapidly.

UDS Game is an innovative loyalty program and a comprehensive business solution for entrepreneurs that includes a mobile app and unique tools for business process optimization. To solve a range of marketing tasks it was decided to develop a mobile app that would be useful both for mobile users and business owners.

Mobile users can install the app and receive discounts at all places participating in UDS Game around the world. Recommending the places to friends they get rewarded with bonus points and cashback.Entrepreneurs can easily monitor its efficiency and maintain high level of customer loyalty.

Referral marketing became a core component of the product –  what can be more precious than recommendations for your business made by your own customers? This idea attracts the interest of users and continues wining their hearts!

On the night of 28-29 August 2017 the world met an absolutely new IT-solution and the next generation of the app – UDS Game 2.0

UDS Game development team worked hard on creating new features, so internal components were changed, the user interface was updated, the elements of social media were removed. Considering the reviews left by mobile users and entrepreneurs UDS Game developers work tirelessly on improving the product. As a result, business owners got better product and also an opportunity for creating company’s unique deals and a great number of new reports on customers’ needs.

Viacheslav Ushenin left comments on the latest version of the UDS Game international loyalty program:

‘We received feedback both from entrepreneurs and mobile users. Thus, we chose a path of the further development of our product. We look to the future with great confidence!’

UDS Game product is developing dynamically. This is evidenced by reviews and number of users around the world. The number of downloads on the App Store and Play Market is over 1,500, 000.

We congratulate Global Intellect Service company with a new phase of development and express our best wishes for success 🙂

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