Hundreds Of Attendees At Starbit’s International Convention

Hundreds Of Attendees At Starbit's International Convention

Starbit International held its first International Convention on March 10 – 11 at the Cataluna Convention Centre in Barcelona (Spain), drawing hundreds of enthusiastic promoters from different countries of the world.

A robust lineup of updates and news have been announced all weekend long, along with training, education, motivation, and shared valuable business tips and best practices.

Unique Exclusive Software to protect all devices (Pc and Mobiles) from virus and Crypto viruses attacks was launched and will interest millions of people using computer and smartphone every day.

The first worldwide software ARS Superchain 2.0 to transform any PC in an automatic residual income machine was introduced in the market. It’s the first start and go product able to generate token automatically without any knowledge of the blockchain area.

Last but not least, the introduction of WalkyBit Data Access also for Ios devices on Apple Store: a boom for Starbit market growth. Walkybit data access is a technology receiving daily activities data of users and transforming the same in token bounties to provide benefits to the user community.

“The goal is very clear: 1 million users. We can make it, and we will!” says Luana Sicari, Starbit CSO.

The compensation plan mathematically will pay over 50% in commissions to the community of promoters in a clear and transparent way. We will distribute all the commissions written in the comp plan.

Now, more than ever, the opportunity to build strength with new 3% monthly pool on the global revenue of the company, starting from the rank of sapphire (12.500 pv); the introduction of a residual income on the fitness activity of active users;

WalkyFit event

The announcement of the next Luxury Retreat in June 2018 to Ibiza; and the introduction of the first Porsche program, with 1 Cayman that will be given as a “gift” to the first promoter in the world achieving the rank of Tycoon Crown Diamond (800.000 pv).

 This event was an incredible opportunity for all of us to come together as one Starbit family to learn, grow and be inspired by the brilliant future we are building together with the leaders in our company, corporate executives and seasoned experts, who all brought tremendous value to the event.

The weekend kick-off was the first WalkyFit event: hundreds of people walking together for 3 km around Nou Camp Stadium, to promote the vision of a better world, more educated to fitness practices and to common values.

In addition to important training, generous recognition and valuable networking opportunities, the two-day event featured new services launch and enhancements to the already generous compensation plan.

The convention center almost exploded with enthusiasm and joy of the attendees. We are happy to welcome on board new leaders form many countries of the world who are seriously willing to build the first and only community marketing that transform daily activities in fun & business and to build strong a great future for years to come.

About Starbit International

Under the wise direction of a group of investors and technology partners, we can rely on a team of experts in various areas ready to support the community, with over twenty years experience in financial management, administration, sales and technological innovation. A professional staff is at your service also with VIP assistance.

We are committed to selecting everything needed for a person to earn money working from home taking advantage of new technologies.

The goal is to offer various degrees of knowledge to those who are interested in playing an acting role, without needing to become experts, like is happening today. Starbit also offers an opportunity to those who want to transform all this into a work from home opportunity.

Starbit uses a compensation plan with 10 different earning centers, very lucrative and innovative that claims to be full compliance worldwide as there are no fees to subscribe, nothing to buy, and distributors are rewarded only from the sales of services. Customers have the opportunity to benefit from special offers, discounts, promotions, thanks to bounties’ offered by industry operators (third parts operators).

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