Tino Ludwig’s OMNIA Team Surpasses 100,000 Members

Tino Ludwig's OMNIA Team Surpasses 100,000 Members

Tino Ludwig of Germany has surpassed 100,000 IBOs in just under 10 months since helping launch OMNIA, a leader in blockchain technology.

He has been with OMNIA since their launch in August of 2017.

Tino is the OMNIA Ambassador for Asia and is riding a tidal wave of momentum that hasnt been seen in many years in the MLM industry. In this time he has helped hundreds of individuals around the globe achieve the highest ranks in the company.

His tips to success lie in four areas that include knowing where your strength lies, motivation, the ability to endure difficult times and having the courage to get up over and over again.

Tino is 100% committed to bringing blockchain technology to the masses. His schedule is typically 10 days home in Germany and a month on the road with one goal in mind – helping as many people as possible.

Since launching OMNIA Ive taken over 300 flights and visited 63 different countries.

Ive never dedicated myself to a company or mission like I have with OMNIA. Once I truly understood their long term goal, I committed myself.

We have a 10+ year agenda that can and will help change the world. We believe blockchain is the way of the future and cryptocurrency is just the beginning.’

OMNIA CEO Milan Sormaz said,

Tino, hes just a wonderful person. Ive known him for 25 years and hes one of the best leaders and motivators I know.

He walks carefree and is always full of enthusiasm. He does things his way and doesnt know let or right – but always straight forward. Hes been with us since the beginning and we currently have three Ambassadors in the company and Tino is one of them!

An Ambassadors with us isnt just about sales, but by selfless sacrifice to the company and fundamental work with the base of the network! Were honored to have him on board; we truly are a family here at OMNIA and because of that we are already winners.

All the other great things happening with our company is simply an added bonus!’


Headquartered in Cyprus, OMNIA is a leader in the blockchain industry and offers a unique strategy for anyone to effortlessly participate. Our products and services are strategically sound enough to attract those that are blockchain savvy already and simple enough for those who are new to the world of cryptocurrency to begin their journey.  

Where allowed, OMNIA offers lifetime mining services for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other alternative cryptocurrencies in our mining catalog as well as a variety of other blockchain-related products and services.

OMNIA is comprised of professionals who possess years of experience in this space since the inception of Bitcoin. We have a scalable infrastructure that is secure and fully optimizable, capable of being a major part of the future of blockchain.

For more information please visit www.omniatek.com


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