Top Industry Leader Alexander Kulpin Joins Dagcoin – Success Factory

Top Industry Leader Alexander Kulpin Joins Dagcoin - Success Factory

Experienced Top Industry leader Alexander Kulpin from Kazakhstan is joining Success Factory, the Network Marketing arm from Dagcoin.

Born in the Kazakh city of Karaganda and resident in Germany, Alexander Kulpinhas been a network marketing professional for 23 years.

It was him moving from one country to another that led to him eventually finding out about the industry, after having spent some years accepting jobs below his qualification and poorly paid for being a foreigner and not mastering the language.

For Alexander, discovering network marketing meant going from being an immigrant with a job that barely paid the bills to being an entrepreneur with partners in several countries of the world.

“It’s not an easy business, but it’s one of the best options you can find.


It’s much better than any plan you have made and it’s exactly the only place where you can really make your dreams come true. Now, I can say that I live the life that I have always dreamed about.”

Although Alexander’s life had turned around in recent years and he had become a successful entrepreneur and a mentor to new generations of professionals, he began to feel like he was missing something.

“I learned about Success Factory for the first time in February 2018. It was through a good friend, Igor Alberts, with whom I had worked for years.


We had done events together in many countries, and once, I saw him speak to more than 20,000 people at an event in Las Vegas. He is an excellent motivator and speaker.

 But professionally, we were taking separate paths for a while. The funny thing is that eventually, the path that Igor had chosen led him to being positioned as Top Earner number 1. 

When he told me about this new opportunity in February last year, I didn’t want to hear anything, I wasn’t interested in cryptocurrencies. But then Igor came back to being number 1, I thought: “What am I doing wrong?” That was all I needed to give a second chance to the idea, to the opportunity and above all, to the possibility of working with Igor.”

In December of 2018, Alexander decided to make a call to an old friend and open up to a new opportunity.

“I met Igor and Andreea at their home in the Netherlands, they told me everything. It wasn’t just cryptocurrencies, but the whole concept of network marketing other products… And I ended up fascinated. There were other members of Success4All: Daniel Visser, Roald Mailly, Iulian Cimbala…

And they welcomed me not only as part of the team, but as part of the family. And I think that at that moment, I understood why Igor and Andreea had achieved that success twice in a row. So,  I joined the team and the company. In a month, we have achieved amazing numbers, we have celebrated an impressive two-day event in Moscow and we have just returned from an incredible annual event.

I believe in the vision of Success Factory, I believe in the power of network marketing and how it can fulfil your dreams whatever they happen to be.

About Dagcoin

We are a growing and ambitious team based in Estonia, and our goal is to provide a new alternative currency for everyday use to create a common currency.

Our team is doing it by making cryptocurrency payments lightning fast, keeping the transaction fees unnoticeably low and creating a system as easy-to-use as possible.

When we talk about IT development, then this is a continuous never ending process because we live in the era of technology and there are so many bright minds in the world who come up with brilliant ideas all the time. We aim to implement as many of them as possible in our system.

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