Juice Plus+ Terminates European Leadership

Juice Plus+ Terminates European Leadership

In November 2018, Juice Plus+ has been sold for $1.5 Billion to investment company Altamont Capital. Recently Juice Plus was fined $1 million for its non compliant behaviour in Italy by AGCM.

As the Italian competition regulator, the Authority has the task of enforcing both Italian and European consumer protection laws.

Because of the fine, Juice Plus terminated a number of top earners, who have been with the company for many years, in what considered by many industry leaders, as an outrageous action.

Paolo Meucci, for years Juice Plus+ Nr. 1 in Europe, as the twin brothers Stefano Orru and Andrea Orru seems to be involved.

 Rosita Brambillasca published the next announcement from Juice Plus+ corporate on her facebook:

“Today we took the difficult but important decision to suspend our partnership relationships with some leaders of the business juice plus + in Italy. 


This decision is only part of our response to the competition and market authority (Agcm) Towards Juice Plus+ concerning some online activities in Italy.

The problem concerns not only the communications and practices not complying with these partner franchise, but also their reluctance to change their practices despite months of awareness of the problem.

As a company, we must take all the possible measures to ensure the protection of people’s trust in our brand, in our business and in the vast majority of our partner franchise that try to follow our rules and represent the juice plus + company with honesty and while fulfilling our mission to inspire a healthy lifestyle all over the world.

From the moment we were informed of the procedure by the AGCM, we worked diligently to analyse and understand the operational methods of the partners and implement measures to deal with the concerns raised by the AGCM.

Many of you have helped us in this effort and many of you have supported our efforts in this way. It is necessary to suspend our collaboration relationships with those who have not aligned.

We understand that the situation in Italy may have pushed some of you to question your future with Juice Plus+ we hope that this choice will reassure you that the juice plus + company continues to devote itself to the conduct of its business in an honest and direct way and to fully support you as a franchise partner of Juice Plus+

There will always be a house for you in Juice Plus+

Now that we have faced these problems, the future of our activity in Italy appears bright. We offer excellent products and an extraordinary business opportunity that does not require exaggerations or false statements. We have thousands of satisfied customers and partners committed to provide a solid base for our future growth.

Thank you for your support in ensuring our future success in Italy and throughout the emea area, and presenting our products and activities in the most honest and transparent way possible. Your corporate leadership global and emea teams are here to support you now and in the future in all possible ways and to answer any questions.

About The Juice Plus+ Company

The Juice Plus+ Company® offers whole food based nutrition, including juice powder concentrates from 30 different fruits, vegetables and grains. The next best thing to fruits and vegetables, Juice Plus+ helps bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you eat every day.

Through plant-based nutrition, the Orchard, Garden, Vineyard and Omega blends are made from quality ingredients carefully sourced and encapsulated to provide natural ingredients the body needs to function at its best. For more information, visit www.juiceplus.com/us/en.


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