Top Leaders Keith And Katie Yarbrough Achieve Crown Ambassador Rank At Elepreneurs

Top Leaders Keith And Katie Yarbrough Achieve Crown Ambassador Rank At Elepreneurs

Keith and Katie Yarbrough understand the value of partnership.

The Texas-based couple complement each other both in their company and their marriage. Twenty years ago, the Yarbroughs got involved in network marketing, and they haven’t looked back. In fact, at February’s Elepreneurs Convention, Keith and Katie were recipients of the prestigious Founders Award.

That’s no surprise to anyone who knows them. Keith is a gifted speaker who motivates teams and spreads encouragement, while Katie excels in product knowledge and the care she shows others. Their unique offerings have afforded their family the freedom and the income for the life they want to lead.

Though they’d been in the direct-selling business for years, in 2017 the Yarbroughs decided to try something new.

“We have always dreamed of being part of a company that would do all the right things,” says Keith. “Together with our team, we are on a journey to grow ourselves and fulfill our purpose by sharing not only a business but a livelihood of happiness.

“It is a culture of growing our families strong together for a common purpose: to elevate health, wealth, and happiness for all,” adds Keith. “To be on this mission with other like-minded, true-hearted entrepreneurs is priceless.”

The Yarbroughs believe communication is key to their success.

“The more you share your excitement about the product experience, the more you are building and inspiring others to do the same,” says Katie.

Another component to success: plenty of training and development.

“Anyone building this business must always be positive and be a product of the product,” says Keith. “Our company offers systems and support to achieve our highest goals and be the most successful entrepreneurs we can be.”

Katie and Keith enjoy working closely together as a couple while reaping the rewards—especially time and financial freedom—their opportunity affords. “We love to travel and know that it will be a huge part of our success as entrepreneurs,” says Keith.

The Yarbrough Family

“As for our goals and priorities, our faith in God comes first, then family—our children, three still at home—and three dogs,” Katie adds. “We strive to work hard and teach our kids that helping others selflessly is the true meaning of being a direct-selling entrepreneur.”

About Elepreneurs

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