David Saturday From Uganda Top Leader In Africa

David Saturday From Uganda Top Leader In Africa

David Saturday, from Uganda, is a very active Success Factory leader and one of the main responsible for the company having a strong presence on the African continent.

In fact, it is in Uganda where one of the next regional events of the company will be held, which has been announced for September this year and where the outreach of the opportunity on the continent will be really put to the test.

Saturday is also a member of the global team Success4All, led by Igor E. Alberts and Andreea Cimbala, and a member of the Circle of Champions, a group of leaders selected and awarded by the company for their high involvement with the project, as well as for the results achieved. As a COC member, Saturday also has the responsibility to be a link between the community and the company.

David Saturday began his career in the industry 14 years ago while studying medicine, looking for a way to pay for his studies.

“Coming from a poor background, I struggled to get tuition for my course at the university. I was hopeless and confused on how to go about it, and that’s when a friend invited me to attend a business opportunity presentation and told me that I would make a lot of money.


My first year in network marketing was full of fun, meeting new people, travelling to new places and learning new skills and, of course, big meetings opened my mind, and I started dreaming big. As a student, I could do business part time.”

Saturday was able to pay for his studies and also for those of his brothers. But by the time he had fully paid his tuition, he had already decided that his future wasn’t in medicine, but in network marketing.

David Saturday with CEO Niels Grossberg

“To me, network marketing is a way of life. It’s a lifestyle. It has exposed me to different places around the world and, of course, to the top earners in the industry.


Network marketing has helped me empower other people to earn money, travel and improve their lives. It has given me a lot of personal growth and changed my attitude positively.”

In January 2018, David joined Success Factory after being invited to a presentation in Dubai, where he learned about the opportunity.

“There, I met Kari Wahlroos, the Chief Network Officer, I met Kris Ress and Nils Grossberg, and they explained very well the whole project and the new dagchain technology. It really impressed me. I thought: if all this works as they say and it becomes what it can become, the potential is amazing!

On top of that, I knew about the people who were already getting involved, and they were exactly the kind of people I wanted to work with in the industry, like Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbala, top earners in the whole industry. I took my decision to join in almost instantly.”

Since that January 2018, David Saturday’s track record in the company has been quite solid, and he has been present at every massive event that the company has scheduled around the globe.

“My team spreads over 28 countries in Africa and 12 more countries in the rest of the world at the moment. The team has grown a lot in Success Factory, and we are generating more profits than we would have achieved in several years in a previous company.


I have been attending each event and closely following the vision of the company and the plans for the coming years, and the results to date might seem like a dream, but in fact, they are a reality.

 For me, Success Factory is an ultimate network marketing opportunity: everything you need is here. We have got the best products in the world, the best corporate team and the best marketing plan. Network marketing is an industry where everyone can succeed regardless of gender, race, education and family background. Once you get the right company and the right leadership, the rest will be history.”

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  1. Hello David! Nice piece about you, the company and Success Factory. I hope we will meet again in Estonia on the 15th. of June and in Kampala later this year.

    1. Am Deus from Uganda and currently working in Qatar, I joined this year 2019 but since then my life changed and my future is in success factory

  2. That’s an important piece of advice. You know you’re such a focused hardworking person, David. Am so proud of you. Keep the success ??burning!

  3. You have inspired many of us and your fire has motivated me, and my whole team, thank you for bringing this opportunity to us, striving to reach the top, its all about you!

  4. Woooow we tnk God for ur achievement with success factory Dagcoin
    Ur a great leader indeed

  5. Am really impressed about this Dagcoin,I wish to meet with mr David Saturday, you such a hard working man thank you for the good efforts.

  6. Congratulations Dr Saturday David for this Great Achievement! You are a God sent Man to save us from the pangs of Poverty in Africa! Our lives have been positively impacted and given hope! Never in my entire life had I dreamt of becoming a billionaire not until you introduced me to Success Factory and the Dagcoin. Very proud of working with a Man of your Calibre. Bravo our African Ambassador!

  7. It’s a great move we light the fire which No1 can put off, we can always make it together as we build our African team particularly Uganda.

  8. Thank you millions time to Success Factory for bring us Our powerful leader Dr Saturday David. He is the person who has motivated and open our mind to see the other side of the world, have the hope for the future.
    God bless Our Success Factory Leaders all over the Global.

  9. Eeeh very woow leader, am in the business too but things are not easy at my side, but atleast am seing where am going!! N will always kip trying til the end i know one day I will mek y with dag coin

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