Top Leaders Robert & Sheri Blackman Launch MLM Company Felice Café

Top Leaders Robert & Sheri Blackman Launch MLM Company Felice Café

Robert & Sheri Blackman, Top Distributors, Consultants, Authors & Owners of Profit Leads, Inc., a lead generation company designed specifically for Network Marketers, are proud to announce the opening of Felice Café, a unique Network Marketing Company.

What makes them  unique?

With a combined 57 years of experience in the field as distributors and 18 years as the owners of Profit Leads, Robert & Sheri bring a unique combination of talent and experience on both sides of the aisle!

“As former distributors ourselves, we know what it’s like to struggle with contacting both your warm market and your cold market. Our philosophy will be twofold, “ says Sherri.

First, it’s easier to get a customer than a distributor. In this “new” retail environment in our profession, we are creating a ground-breaking concept that everyone that joins is a customer first.

They don’t become a distributor until they actually distribute something!

Our distributors will be called “Café Connectors,” and we will be teaching them how to connect both locally and nationally with coffee drinkers and entrepreneurs with our phone app and coffee sample system.

Secondly, building a business is nothing more than finding and developing leadership. We will lead by example by offering free training in each Connector’s back office and actually making live phone calls to prospects each week, so members get see us build the business first hand. We will take a “show me, don’t snow me” approach with Felice Café.

“With over 95% of all distributors being part part-time, we believe that most compensation plans are stacked against them. They are in a full-time business model that does not reward them for their part-time efforts.

At Felice Café, our bonus structure will be “Compressed Uni-Level.” Our goal is to help every part-time Connector to not only break-even quickly, but to make a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars a month without having to build a large organiza- tion,” says Robert.

Felice Café’s target date to launch is the 4th quarter of 2019. To get on their announcement list, visit their website


Get more information, facts and figures about Felice Café, click here for the Felice Café overview.

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