Helen Kithinji From Kenia First African $1 Million Earner With WorldVentures

Helen Kithinji From Kenia First African $1 Million Earner With WorldVentures

Helen Kithinji stated upon her achievement:

I am truly blessed and grateful to have found WorldVentures and a new family, united in a mission to change our lives and Millions of others.

In my Reflections about this achievement; I recognize Wayne Nugent for his Vision and Mission to create a Movement with one Mission, that is to Spread More Joy and Hope to families and generations around the world.

That many may experience More Fun, Freedom and Fulfillment. Because of Wayne’s Dream many people like me are pursuing their dreams. This achievement is about many who saw the dream like I did and have pursued success with unwavering commitment. Some went before me and because they did it, I believed that I could do it too.

Thank you Matt Morris for paving the way and building my belief that I could achieve anything I set my mind to achieve. I will forever be grateful for you.

As I reflect..
This achievement is actually about who I have become over the past 6 years in WorldVentures. It is a culmination of consistent training and role modeling from the remarkable leadership that this company has produced. Thank you Marc Accetta for the ‘Worldclass Training System’ that you have established for us.

This achievement is about the thousands of men and women, boys and gals who together we continue to roll up our sleeves to establish a global business, a dynasty to outlive us. Thanks to all the WV Leaders in Kenya and Africa for your partnership. Tons of thanks to this army of world changers that is my Team!! I love you Team Fastforward and Team WV Worldwide!!

This achievement would not have been easy without the tremendous support from our Corporate Executive Team in Texas and South Africa. Thank you champions! Thank you Justin Call!Thank you Josh Paine! Thank you Celo! Very special thanks to my family for the support in many ways.

Matt Morris, one of the Top Leaders at WorldVentures stated:

Helen you are such an incredible inspiration and have been blazing the path to freedom since the beginning. I’m so proud of you for your tireless work, unwavering faith, and absolutely incredibly powerful leadership. 


You are such a blessing in this world and I’m so grateful for your presence in my life.


I know you’re just getting warmed up and have so many more lives to impact. I love you for life!!!

About WorldVentures

WorldVentures Holdings, LLC, a privately held company based in Plano, Texas. WorldVentures Marketing, LLC sells travel and leisure club memberships providing a diverse set of products and experiences. The company’s goal is to help Independent Representatives, DreamTrips™ Members and employees achieve more fun, freedom and fulfillment in their lives.

WorldVentures uses the direct sales model to go to market with active Representatives and members worldwide. For more information, visit worldventures.com.


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    1. Big ups to million dollar earner Helen you are a star in the sky that shines down on earth a billion miles away so happy for you long live Worldventures

  1. On my very first training as a new Rep, Hellen walked the stage as IMD. I was moved from when the music was playing as she walked up with confidence together with her mum and aunt, I can comfortably say her speech helped me make a decision to never quit and 2 years later I am still here with forever to go. Congratulations my dearest trailblazer Hellen Kithingi

  2. Massive congratulations to the Bosslady, your first presentation in Kampala blew me away. The humility and purposefulness made me promise myself to stay the course and almost 3 years now I’m still here. Thank you for being a great leader.

  3. Well done Helen Kithinji!!
    You are an inspiration to all of us here in Kenya. It’s possible. If you can do it, ME TOO:)
    Wishing you greater success as you continue with your journey in all your endeavours. Be blessed!

  4. Massive congratulations HK you are an eagle showing us how it’s done and what’s possible if we put in the work. Be abundantly blessed as you impact more lives with Fun Freedom & Fulfilment.

  5. A huge congratulations to you Hellen. You are such an inspiration to us all. You have shown us that we can make it. Thanks for your relentless leadership and sacrifices you make so we can achieve success. We love you for life and may God bless you.

  6. It’s stories like these that give me impetus to continue pushing on! I am still new here, actually in my second week of joining World Ventures. I’ve lost a lot in a couple of other businesses but that has not deterred me from taking another risk. I trust that I am on the right track and with your help I’ll get there!

  7. Helen, Massive Congratulations !! You’ve done again for Kenya, East Africa and the African Continent as a whole!! You have been resilient in your cause, success leaves clues in your path…keep doing what you do for humanity! God bless you abundantly now and always!!

  8. Welldone Helen my African sister and leader on your achievement. Stay humble, beautiful and dependable! You inspire and motivate us!!!!

  9. IMD HK, massive congrats on this great achievement. You have shown not only ladies but the entire universe that where there’s a will, there is a way. Been following you from day one, thanks for inspiring me.

  10. Thumbs up Hellen for the great achievement. you are an icon and a true hero n role model to most of us wv family especially in Africa. your story inspires me and I now believe all dream are valid.

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