Upshoot Officially Launched As A Healthy Lifestyle MLM Company

Upshoot Officially Launched As A Healthy Lifestyle MLM Company

Upshoot has officially launched as a healthy lifestyle company on a mission to make plant-powered nutrition accessible and affordable to everyone.

Fueled by plant-based products, proven programs and a network of passionate independent distributors (“Ambassadors”). Upshoot is serving up sustainable lifestyle solutions for the 90% of American adults who are not consuming their recommended five daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

The company has appointed Lourdes Ahn as Chief Executive Officer to lead their strategic vision and build a dynamic and experienced executive team to grow the brand worldwide.

“Upshoot was inspired by the idea that together we can positively impact the perceptions of and attitudes towards plant-powered nutrition. We help put people on a path that daily gives them more readily available, nutrient-dense on-the-go foods, without the added prep time, hassles and costs,”

said Ahn.

“We believe not only in the beneficial power of phytonutrients, but also in the power of guided programs and passionate people, which have shaped who we are as a company, from our business model to our product innovation. We’re doing more than launching a business—we’re cultivating a lifestyle.”

Upshoot’s simple and adaptable lifestyle programs, Phytopúr nutritional products and community network are designed to unlock the power of plants through science and technology, all while reducing the confusion, complication and costs of traditional nutrition regimens.

The programs are scientifically-curated by nutritional experts and backed by lessons learned from studying tens of thousands of success stories to help achieve personal goals—from Reboot, to Weight Loss, to Lifestyle. Powering the programs is Upshoot’s complete plant-powered line of delicious Phytopúr Shakes, Smoothies, Super Drinks, and Soups, with phytonutrients extracted from the freshest fruits and vegetables and validated by patented science.

The seeds of Upshoot’s story started more than a decade ago with Joe Cross, a globally recognized nutrition advocate and producer of the award-winning documentary film “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.” He sparked a lifestyle movement around the simple concept of juicing and eating more things green, resulting in over 10,000 people following in his footsteps and reaping the benefits of plant-powered nutrition.

The lessons learned from Joe’s community planted a vision for Upshoot to turn tens of thousands of transformational stories to millions of stories.

“Over the past decade of seeing so many people transform the way they eat and live, I’m constantly asked how people can get involved with helping and inspiring others to up the ante of their plant-powered nutrition—well, now there’s a way,”

said Cross, Executive Advisor at Upshoot.

“The company has been able to develop something truly special that draws on the experience from ‘RebootWithJoe’ to offer programs and products that make plant-powered nutrition healthy, affordable, convenient and delicious. And, we’re just getting started.”

About Upshoot

Headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, Upshoot is a healthy lifestyle company on a mission to make plant-powered nutrition accessible to everyone, through programs, products and people. The company’s Phytopúr product line unlocks the power of plants through science and is distributed through an independent national network of Ambassadors who are passionate about helping others create healthier lifestyles. Learn more at and connect @upshootlife.

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