Tim Sales: Breaking Out of the Matrix

Tim Sales: Breaking Out of the Matrix

Tim Sales stated:

This is my response to Ellie Flynn’s BBC article called “Multilevel Marketing Sells a Dream. Don’t Buy It.” 

It’s the latest in a series of biased, one-sided media hit pieces on the MLM industry — and I believe we need to start speaking up for ourselves. After awhile, you start to notice their pattern in the media — their undertone of:

“Don’t dare to dream. Just stay where you are…”

They’re telling half-truths, omitting important details in the interest of spinning a story.  It’s the opposite of fair and balanced.  It’s media spin, designed

(1) to get clicks; and

(2) to discourage people from breaking out of the box.

The matrix wants you to regress back toward average.  Don’t rock the boat. Don’t challenge the system. Don’t try to beat the odds.

Ellie is attacking the industry and accusing MLM of making false promises and exploiting vulnerable women, selling them false hope.  She interviews a new mom named Vickie who’s struggling in her business, then proceeds to slam the industry for her lack of success.

This is what I’m calling the NEW matrix. Check it out…

Sad story, no doubt.  But I’m asking, where are the interviews of the successful single moms that CAN now support their families AND stay at home at the same time?  Where is the balance?  Journalism is supposed to be balanced, but that’s not balanced. It’s the matrix.

Ellie says this young mother shouldn’t have even tried.  She should not have bought the dream that she could somehow make her life better.

And to her I say, “Don’t dream of a better life?  How dare you!”

Let me know what you think, and whether you believe it’s time to speak up and push back on those who attack our industry.

About Tim Sales

Tim Sales is a trainer, author and speaker who has been in the Network Marketing Industry for over 30 years. Tim has worked with thousands of leaders, consulted hundreds of Network Marketing companies and taught a Network Marketing Certification Course at The University of Chicago, Illinois.

Tim has a passion for teaching and his pragmatic approach to training has helped hundreds of thousands of Network Marketers have success in their business.

During his 30 year career as a Network Marketer, he has led teams that have done over $1 Billion dollars in sales. He had the honor of, being interviewed by Larry King.

He wrote Brilliant Compensation and Professional Inviter, two of the most popular training products in the industry, to equip entrepreneurs with the skills to become network marketing professionals and top leaders within their companies. Tim is a die-hard advocate for the network marketing industry and is here to help network marketers to get the results and success they are looking for. For more information please visit: www.networkmarketingpower.com

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