Leaving Your Network Marketing Company For Another?

Leaving Your Network Marketing Company For Another?

Top Trainer Todd Falcone recently did a Facebook Live, that has gotten a lot of attention:

Leaving your Network Marketing Company for Another? Don’t make this Amateur and Costly Mistake!

Todd Falcone says:

I did a Facebook Live recently that caused quite a stir and got people talking…so I thought it might be a good idea to turn this message into an article for you to read and consider the ramifications of your decisions when choosing how you leave.    

Let’s face it.  The reality is that if you’re in network marketing for an extended period of time, there’s a very good chance that you’ll end up being in more than one company (not at the same time by the way) throughout your career.

I built six companies during my active time in the field as a distributor…not because I thought the grass was greener someplace else, but because of either changes the company had made or I simply didn’t like the deal I was in any longer and felt it was time for me to go.

Leaving a company, leaving your ‘family’ can be really tough!  People freak out when a leader goes elsewhere.  It can cause them to question their beliefs in the company.

  • Why would they leave if this is such a good company? 
  • Is there something wrong?  Are they going out of business? 
  • Should I leave too?

Top leaders leaving a company can shake the very foundation of that company’s culture…if even for a little while. From my experience, when a leader leaves…that drama only lasts a few weeks, and then it’s back to business. 

It doesn’t always cause that kind of drama.  Sometimes when a person earning a sizeable check goes elsewhere, the rest of the field is thinking, “Why the heck would they leave such a great company?  They just made the mistake of their life!  I’m not going anywhere!”

Regardless of whether you are earning a lot or a little…if you choose to leave, do so nicely!  Have some class.

I’ve disappeared into the sunset on five different occasions and gone to build another company and have never once been terminated from a company I left.   Most of those companies paid me for many years after I walked away.

Why have I never been terminated?  I left the team in tact and simply starting building elsewhere.  Who am I to swipe the carpet out from underneath someone else just because I decided to leave?

The worst thing you can do is leave a company you promoted as the “greatest thing since sliced bread” yesterday and the very next day you’re smack talking about them all over Social Media and promoting your new deal. 

If I knew you…I’d be thinking, “Wait.  I thought the deal you were in was the best product out there (according to you), and now you’re onto some other deal and saying how awful the company and product is that you’ve been promoting the past few years.”

If you choose to make this costly and amateur mistake, you’re going to regret it.

You can’t leave the company you loved yesterday and the very next day start making disparaging comments about them without significant repercussions.

If you do start spewing hatred and talking badly about the brand you just left…any smart owner is going to hit you with a lawsuit.  And…you deserve it.  Don’t be stupid.  If you leave, leave.  People leave companies all the time and go someplace else.  Just go build elsewhere if the opportunity no longer suits you.   You don’t need to tear down your previous company to build your new one.  It makes you look desperate…and it’s super amateur.

When you leave a company and start to pillage the company you were just in, you’re hurting people.  You’re stealing money from the pockets of other hard-working distributors.  Sure…I get it.  You want to bring your best buddy in that you’ve always worked with in every other company you’ve built.  That’s acceptable.

But…for you to make disparaging comments and start reaching out to people in other teams trying to cast doubt in their minds is going to cause you legal problems and hatred amongst the entire company.

If you’re not happy, leave. Go build someplace else. But, don’t tear down the house that paid you so well over the past several years.  Move on.

About Todd Falcone

 Todd Falcone is a highly respected independent Network Marketing trainer with over 30 years in the profession. He is the author of Fearless Networking, which has now sold over 400,000 copies worldwide in three different languages.

His newest release, Leadership Evolution…is a comprehensive leadership development program that teaches people how to become and develop leaders in their organizations.  You can learn more about Leadership Evolution right here:  ToddFalcone.com/leadership For more information on Todd and how he can help you become a better network marketer, visit:  https://ToddFalcone.com


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