Root Wellness Appoints Dani Vanegas As Vice President Of Business Development

Root Welness Appoints Dani Vanegas As Vice President Of Business Development

ROOT Wellness is proud to announce a new addition to the industry’s first consumer sharing network, welcoming Dani Vanegas to the community as our new Vice President of Business Development.

Dani is a very powerful networker with over ten years of experience in the field and loads of success around her, she is known for having strong leadership and business development skills and the forward-thinking mindset needed to develop the direct selling industry’s most advanced distribution model.

Clayton Thomas, Founder of ROOT states

“Dani has the heart of a Distributor, her success as an entrepreneur and global sales trainer is an asset to any organization. Especially one as disruptive as ROOT. 


We love dynamic, brilliant female leaders; they are the core of any good business and Dani exemplifies all of these traits in spades.”

Dani holds an MBA in finance and marketing and was inducted to the Network Marketing Hall of Fame in January of 2018 along with industry legends Bob Proctor, Robert Kiyosaki and Eric Worre amongst others.

Dani was born in Mexico City, she has great influence in her native country as well the United States, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Dani is an experienced industry leader who has built teams of more than 50,000 people on several continents.

She is an icon in the direct sales industry and an advocate for conferences such as the Direct Sales Congress in Europe and the Association of Network Marketing Professionals.  She now has the opportunity to disrupt the status quo.

She has been featured in different international magazines, publications and media sources including Business for Home, Direct Sales Diva, The Tom Chenault Show and The MLM Nation Show.

ROOT is excited to have another amazing woman serve as an exemplary mentor and missionary, she is a passionate individual that loves to help and see people succeed; a driver of human talent.  We are excited and honored to have her join the ROOT community.

About Root Welness

At ROOT, our goal is to create products that honestly improve your life on a daily basis. We know that when you love something, it’s only natural to share it with people you care about.

Part of living a healthy life also includes having a healthy bank account. That’s why we’ve created a revolutionary community sharing model that allows you to reap the rewards of ROOT, from a wellness perspective, and financially.

The great part is, you don’t have to jump through any tricky sales hoops to do it. For more information please visit

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