Geraldine de Pablo And Paul Rammeloo Reach Diamond For A Second Time With Jeunesse

Geraldine de Pablo And Paul Rammeloo Reach Diamond For A Second Time With Jeunesse

Geraldine de Pablo and Paul Rammeloo left Jeunesse three years ago after reaching the rank of Double Diamond.

However, shortly after their departure, they realized how much Jeunesse was part of their lives and decided to return—starting from a new distributor position. Now, after almost two years, they have reached the rank of Diamond for a second time!

“We had to start over,” said Geraldine. “We knew that we had to prove to the world and to ourselves that we were really Diamonds, and that no one ever gave us anything nor built for us. We knew that we had to do the work again.


So that’s what we did. We worked very hard with two goals in mind. First, to become Diamond again, which we are blessed to have achieved, and second, to become Double Diamond, which we are on our way to and are absolutely positive we will achieve. It wasn’t easy but we knew that Jeunesse was the best ticket and that it was absolutely possible.”

Geraldine and Paul feel that Jeunesse truly embraces a culture of excellence and family. Jeunesse not only has excellent and effective leading products in the market, but most importantly, is a company and a partner which is willing and able to support leaders in building a global business.

The demands of building and supporting teams globally to ensure their success and yet create a culture of family can be found at Jeunesse thanks to the Founders and the great corporate team. Distributors striving to build teams know exactly how important it is to have a great partner that will run equally and even exceed expectations, raising the bar of corporate performance within the network marketing industry. This why they chose to return to Jeunesse.

Geraldine is a Psychologist by profession and Paul is an Industrial Engineer. However, they have been in the Network Marketing industry for over 15 years—nine of which have been on a fulltime basis.

Geraldine and Paul believe that we all have the natural right to be successful, loved and valued and they share that philosophy with their teams. They believe in the power of empowerment. They have shared the stage with some of the top earners in the world and are excited to continue to grow an extensive Latin American business with their home.

About Jeunesse

Jeunesse is a global direct selling company with a mission to positively impact the world by helping people look and feel young while empowering them to unleash their potential. The company’s exclusive skin care and nutritional products form a comprehensive Y.E.S. Youth Enhancement System.

With multilingual customer service, back-office support and a global enrollment system, Jeunesse utilizes a cutting-edge platform to share innovative products, training, and support through 32 fully operational offices to markets in over 145 countries. Learn more at


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