Jose Gordo Joins Beyond

Jose Gordo Joins Beyond

According to a Beyond press release:

Beyond is a new brand that is powerfully bursting into the network marketing industry. One of the top names who has been part of this brand since its inception is the recognized industry leader Jose Gordo, 44, who is considered to be a veteran of sales.

Since joining Beyond during their pre-launch he has already eclipsed the rank of Presidential Ambassador which is 500,000 sales volume in a 4-week period.


But this Spanish leader is also widely popular among networkers in his role as a coach, which he fully embraced over the past year, and especially as an author. Gordo’s books, three of which have been published to date, are about success in the industry and the necessary mindset and strategies to achieve it. The latest title “From a Tragic Life to a Magical Life” has become one of the essential guides in the training of many emerging leaders.

About his commitment to Beyond, Jose says:

“For some time now, I have been away from the network marketing activity. I haven’t really been back to the industry completely until now, and it’s because this company has a very particular vision: it diversifies its products based on different needs, which also gives the opportunity to its distributors to choose what works best for them and their interests.


But above all, it is because of the innovation, as well as the compensation plan that can be really interesting for my team. And because the company puts in place different tools for monitoring training and growth. They have a very complete plan that made me become passionate about the industry again.”

Jose is insistent on that concept of passion for the industry, even as a multi-faceted professional who doesn’t need to rely on a compensation plan. That passion, he says, was in him even before he discovered the industry existed.


“I started working at 14, because I knew that if I wanted something I had to work hard for it. Since then, I’ve always had something inside, I wouldn’t know what to call it. Entrepreneurial spirit? I have always looked for a vocation, an occupation that would not only give me the freedom to do and have what I wanted, to travel and much more, but also give me the feeling of fulfilment.”

Jose discovered network marketing at the age of 34, when he already had various work experiences that included sales in the traditional sector. Jose also admits that his beginnings were not as successful as he would have hoped at the outset: slow progress and achievements that didn’t taste as good as he thought they would. For Jose, this was the moment when he discovered what was missing.

“For many leaders, personal development is, let’s say, the key that opens the door to success. You can’t get to the other side, unless you work on yourself. For me, achieving a number of goals became a little easier once I started applying some principles, such as discipline, which I had learned before. But personal development was a necessary factor in taking the next step.


I think that’s when I really fell in love with the industry and could see that it was more than an occupation that could give you an income: I started to really understand network marketing, its culture, the belonging… But I also started to learn more about myself, my strengths and insecurities. I started to find what really made me happy. This was the turning point for me, when I really knew that this was where I fitted in.”

Jose Gordo leads massive teams in Europe, part of Africa, and especially in Latin America, where he spends much of his time connecting with the team and organizing training and conferences.

“There’s nothing like an on-site event, nothing can compare to that. We pour all our energy into a particular moment and place, and something beautiful is created. That energy that we share during a conference with more than 100 people, for example, will accompany those 100 people, their families, and their teams over the following few weeks and give them a unique boost to their plans.


But if something like the current crisis were to happen, I think we’re lucky that it’s caught us with the tools to keep working, not to get isolated and to maintain communication. The teams needed more encouragement, more motivation, and more strength than ever before, and I’ve tried to give them 200% of my support. Digital tools are a marvel and we really understand their importance only now.”

Although Jose Gordo is once again a big presence in the industry, the truth is that he has been keeping a discreet profile for just over a year, and it is inevitable to ask about that decision.

“I’ve had a number of opportunity proposals since the beginning of 2019. Even back then, I had already stopped being active in my previous company as a promoter because I wasn’t happy. It would have been easy to take the leap, but the fact is that I was not mentally prepared for it. I was wondering how I saw my future, and the truth is that I was much more motivated by the work as a coach and leadership trainer than as a representative of an opportunity.


So, that’s what I decided to do for a while and kept rejecting offers. I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m not going to spend hours of my time on something that only gives me money if it doesn’t give me anything else. I work for passion. And if I don’t have that passion here, I look elsewhere… That’s why I dedicated myself to development and my books.”

That passion, Jose says, is why he came back when to start working with Beyond. When asked about his goals with Beyond and why people should choose this opportunity, he said this:

“What I want to achieve is to really impact people and their ability to fulfill their dreams. I believe Beyond has the product range to help me achieve at least 100 team members worldwide to earn their first million in the next 5 years. It can be much more if, in addition to distribution, they use the financial growth packages that the company offers. I want to put the company on the top of the market for the next year and I want my team to be thriving, united, and proud to be part of this industry. These are good goals to get up for every morning.”

* Disclaimer: Individual results will vary depending on successful product sales, which requires hard work, dedication, good sales skills, and leadership. Any bonuses, commissions, or other amounts reflected shall not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits with this business.

About Beyond

Beyond is a multi-category experience designed to help you achieve your best day ever by offering a wide range of products and opportunities across our two main focuses – health and wealth.

Initially offering two unique categories and independent business ecosystems (tied together with a seamless rewards plan), Beyond is best understood as the sum of its parts: Beyond Wealth and Well Beyond.

With a focus on delivering truly remarkable health and wellness products, the Well Beyond system is unprecedented, reputable, and practical. Well Beyond provides a simple, uplifting, and focused way to live a healthier life with people who take pride in seeing the results and joy of others. The Well Beyond path leads to wellbeing and happiness – starting with its Best Day Ever sample program and ending with its Fearless Movement which gives people all the products they need to live a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle.

Bridging the gap between emerging digital technology products and accessibility, Beyond Wealth provides a variety of innovative wealth-building products crafted for people seeking to enhance their lifestyles. Our revolutionary digital products provide cutting-edge methods of generating residual income. With products ranging from our multi-currency wallets, to programs with device leasebacks, to discount travel portals, there is something for every entrepreneur to explore.

With these two categories, and a revolutionary mobile app designed to deliver many more opportunities in the future, the Beyond brand is one of creation – creating opportunities for all types of consumers and business-builders to seek out what works for them and build within the most effective ecosystems.  Beyond YouTube Channel.


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