Christine Lever From The UK Achieves Diamond Rank At Valentus

Christine Lever From The UK Achieves Diamond Rank At Valentus

Christine Lever stated upon her achievement:

I have been with this incredible company around 18 months and everything has changed for the better!

Before joining we applied for a mortgage and got declined as my income wasn’t good enough. Within a couple of months of joining Valentus and having an incredible start, we applied again and got accepted on our dream home! We now live in that home and it still doesn’t feel real, I’m so grateful!

I do the business full time around our 2-year-old little boy, Arlo. This month we announced we’re pregnant with our second, and I went Diamond. It’s been a whirlwind.


I feel so fortunate that this business provides me with the lifestyle it does, and that I can be at home with our family.

I absolutely adore my team and from day one they’ve been rooting for this promotion. We get together every 3 months, including my Europe team who fly over to see us. Our team bond is probably the best thing about all of this for me, it means so much. Seeing them earning a full-time income blows me away. I’m so proud of them.

I know that by me hitting the Diamond position, it shows them what’s possible, and that they will be hitting it next. I can’t wait to see their lives changed the same way mine has.

The comp plan and company are just incredible, and this really is just the beginning. In my second week in the business, I earned more than I did in a month in my old full-time job in a week.

The most important thing for me is that I absolutely do this business part time. I never sacrifice time with our son or family, and yet can still make more than a full-time income. I’m so grateful that it’s possible to build this business, but also to have balance.

Hitting Diamond is just the beginning for us, I am aiming for the next title before baby number 2 is here.

About Valentus

In Latin, the word “Valentus” means “prevail,” defined as proving to be superior in strength, power, and influence. Recognizing that, we couldn?t have picked a more fitting name for a company that strives to be the example in an industry that deserves a leader to follow.

Since day one, our focus, our passion, and our commitment have been to create a company, a product line, and an opportunity built on a foundation of integrity.

From creating significant levels of income, to building strong networks, healthy long-lasting relationships, making new friends, participating in activities you never even knew existed, having the time to do the things you love with the people you love to be with, VALENTUS can help you PREVAIL in ALL of your goals!

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