Diego Asmal From Ecuador Achieves Executive Ambassador Rank At Beyond

Diego Asmal From Ecuador Achieves Executive Ambassador Rank At Beyond

Diego Asmal is a network marketer from Cuenca, Ecuador with 8 years of experience in the industry. Diego initially experienced fast success despite having no experience, but says it was not lasting.

Now Diego considers himself a professional and is achieving results that are “bigger and more durable” now that his teams have developed in several countries and markets. The majority of Diego’s teams are in Latin America including Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, and Mexico – with more recent additions in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Diego likes to build his teams with newcomers lacking in experience because they are trainable and gives him a chance to improve their mentality and give them a system of both development and duplication. Diego is most excited about building his teams with the Infinite Success mobile app and the Infinity Line that comes along with it.

“I use the Infinity Line as a marketing funnel and as a virtual secretary that supports me to prospect and reach more people worldwide with this opportunity. It is one of the smartest applications to do business online, and also generate income with it”

Diego was attracted to Beyond because of “the corporate structure, the experience of the leadership team, and the unification of the best traditional network marketing strategies with the newest, most innovative digital technology.”

“Network marketing is spectacular because in order to reach the highest ranks, you have to support many other people. Every time you see people who have a new light of hope from the opportunity you give them, that motivates me to continue. I would say the greatest motivation I have today is the success of my teams.”

4 tips that Diego has for new network marketers:

  • Always keep the end in mind. If you have discovered that network marketing is the vehicle to fulfill your dreams, do not waste time.
  • Find a mentor who has what you want in your business.
  • This is a business like any other; the difference is that we deal with people. So be the best at creating personal relationships.
  • Don’t take anything personally – enjoy this business!

“In the next 5 years, I see this company impacting millions of lives. I see people achieving financial freedom and achieving their goals.”

* Disclaimer: Individual results will vary depending on successful product sales, which requires hard work, dedication, good sales skills, and leadership. Any bonuses, commissions, or other amounts reflected shall not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits with this business.

About Beyond

Beyond is known as the Best Day Ever company. With a wide variety of products and services, there is one common goal among them all: lead our members to experience their best day ever.

We know that one person’s best day isn’t identical to the next person’s. That’s why we offer financial technology products and services designed to make your money work for you, as well as wellness products designed to nourish your mind, body, and soul.

We’ve designed a personal development assessment to identify which areas of your life could use growth, and then we provide real, actionable steps to help you feel centered with our products and services.

Whether your best day ever is having more time to vacation with your family, getting 5% cash back on spending with your multi-currency wallet, paying off your student loans with digital technology products, running your first marathon, or losing those last few stubborn pounds, we have something to offer everyone.

And with our revolutionary mobile app, and two lucrative rewards plans, Beyond makes it easy for you to have your best day ever, and help others have their best day ever as well! For more information please visit www.well-beyond.comand  Beyond YouTube Channel.

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