Laura Derrien and Adeline Le Harzic From France Achieve Diamond Ambassador Rank At Kuvera

Laura Derrien and Adeline Le Harzic From France Achieve Diamond Ambassador Rank At Kuvera

Best Friends Achieve Diamond Ambassador Rank at Kuvera

Laura and Adeline are extremely motivated to fulfill one of their lifelong dreams of starting a humanitarian association to help give back to people all over the world. With their fierce determination and drive to continually work hard and give their best efforts, they believe their Kuvera business can help them make their dream a reality.

Laura Derrien and Adeline Le Harzic both live in Lorient, France. They have been best friends for ten years and have very similar backgrounds. Both were very good at school, but weren’t passionate about their studies. They stopped going to school at 17 and 18 years old.

Though they weren’t invested in their studies, they longed for a free life that allowed them to fulfill all their dreams. To make ends meet, they worked a few odd jobs. Laura took care of her sick grandmother while Adeline worked for a company taking surveys over the phone. At this time, they explored different projects and found Network Marketing in 2011.

They decided to give the industry 100% of their efforts in 2015.

Three years later, on June 1st, 2018, Laura and Adeline discovered Kuvera at Kuvera’s pre-launch event in France. Many things about Kuvera impressed them. They admired the work the founders put into the company to make sure the Distributors had the tools they needed to be successful. They appreciated that the Kuvera website was translated in their language and that the proper procedures were taken to make sure the company was legal in France. They also fell in love with the financial services Kuvera offers that have the potential to impact so many lives.

Laura and Adeline became very passionate about their Kuvera business and the potential they had to improve so many lives by introducing Kuvera’s products to others. With help from the French teams and leaders, they quickly took full advantage of Kuvera’s compensation plan that they describe as “too amazing”.

Their perseverance and willingness to never give up regardless of their circumstances helped Laura and Adeline reach their current rank of Diamond Ambassador. They believe the quality of services Kuvera offers and the support they receive from both corporate and the French team has greatly impacted their success in the business.

Laura said,

“I have never seen so many people on my teams make so much money and improve their quality of life. I have never seen so many clients improve their finances, and above all, we all build our network with a long-term vision in mind.”

Laura and Adeline advise others to always believe in yourself, and never listen to anyone who tells you you can’t do something. They say, “you are stronger than you think. With passion and rage you are able to achieve so many amazing things”.

Laura and Adeline have the mentality that nothing can stop them. They are determined to gain freedom so they can give back. Their next goal in the business is to create thousands of success stories within their team.

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