Mauricio Vattuone From Peru Achieves Diamond Rank At OmegaPro

Mauricio Vattuone has achieved the rank of Diamond with OmegaPro despite his lack of experience in the business world. He has demonstrated that age is no impediment when it comes to meeting a financial objective and that this industry in particular does not discriminate against those who are younger or less knowledgeable.

“In my first 18 years of life I never imagined becoming a businessman. My life was governed by and for art.” 

Mauricio recalls feeling that he was not intelligent after consecutive years of failing grades in mathematics, but proved otherwise. He recalls at the beginning of 2017, a large family debt and monthly fees from the bank were “chasing us like a pack of rottweiler dogs.” He was also rejected at all the jobs in which he presented himself, and a big reason why he decided upon his direction.

“Despite not being a financier, I realized that Bitcoin was changing the world economy. Soon I did what it took to gather the resources for investing and I fully committed to building a business with OmegaPro. In my first year I managed to pay the big debt for my family. In my sophomore year, I started traveling all over the world. In my third year, I moved from my parents’ house to one of the most luxurious places in my city, facing the sea.”

During this process, Mauricio managed to become a great trader in the cryptocurrency financial market and build good capital and then discover the MLM industry and impact thousands of families. 

“I will make Peru one of the countries with the highest turnover and visionary creation in this industry.”

“A young dreamer is only not able to change the world, but one with a team is able to score a before and after in history. That’s why I want to thank all the leaders of my Momentum Pro team for materializing everything we’ve ever dreamed of, especially Marcelo Vattuone, who is my sponsor and my co-team Miluska Lee, with whom I have built the foundations of our growth. In addition, the corporate of this great company, Mike Sims, Andreas, Dilawar and Juan Carlos Reynoso, who with total transparency have created the best investment company. Finally, I want to tell every person who is reading this that life is governed by two factors: pain and pleasure.

Think carefully, what gives you more pain, face rejection of uninformed people, or take charge of your financial future; that your parents have a bitter and sparse old age or give them the best in the world, without limits; work in a cubicle eight to ten hours a day or have freedom of time. I think the answer is very simple, that’s why I invite you to undertake, without excuses. The process, at the end of the road, will have been totally worthwhile and will be more satisfying than the end result. We didn’t come here to adapt, we came to dominate this industry.”

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