Solvasa Introduces Fastify Food For Anti-inflammaging Selfcare

Solvasa, the company launched by direct selling and beauty industry veteran, Lori Bush, and celebrated aesthetic surgeon, Dr. Ritu Chopra, announced today that they have entered into an exclusive license with Fastify, LLC for marketing and distribution of Fastify® functional food products through their social selling sales organization.

Fastify, created by Bush and originally inspired by the popular trend of intermittent fasting, is plant-based, shelf-stable, savory smoothies designed to maximize the nutrient value of every calorie. Produced with organic produce and spices, the preservative-free smoothies deliver against a strict low-sugar nutritional profile with 70 calories, 6 or 7 grams of protein, and 3 or 4 grams of fiber per serving.

“Fastify fits seamlessly into Solvasa’s vision for a more holistic approach to beauty and wellness,”

said Chopra.

“Skin is your biological advertisement of wellbeing, and what and how you eat impact many aspects of cellular health.”

Solvasa recommends applying one of three approaches for incorporating Fastify into an integrative beauty or lifestyle diet program – monthly as a 3-day cleanse, weekly for a 5:2 intermittent fasting program, or daily as needed for a healthy, low glycemic hunger-control snack.

Bush points out that,

“emotional stress leads to inflammatory processes and to binge eating. Binge eating leads to even greater risk of inflammation and results in more emotional stress. The cycle goes on and on and has so many adverse effects on health and beauty, including the appearance of skin. Fastify is all about breaking the cycle of stress eating.”

Fastify comes in three culinary-inspired flavors and may be consumed chilled, heated as a soup, or at room temperature for on-the-go nutrition. It will be available in packs of 12 – 8 oz servings through Solvasa Integrative Beauty Connectors beginning in March, 2021.

About Solvasa

Solvasa is an integrative beauty company founded by direct selling and beauty industry veteran, Lori Bush, and celebrated aesthetic surgeon, Dr. Ritu Chopra.

Solvasa is built on the belief that a beautiful complexion can only stem from a holistic approach, blending topical products and tools, healthy diet, and stress-reducing practices. Solvasa’s products and practices are designed to help you be more intentional in your everyday life while mitigating the effects of stress on your skin, mind, and body leading to Beauty in Your Presence. To learn more about other products from Solvasa visit


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