Young Power Couple Colt & Cindy Summers Join AmpLIFEi

In just 2 short weeks with their laser-focused drive and passion to help others with their gut-health, Colt & Cindy Summers have achieved the rank of Ruby L.1 by teaming up with AmpLIFEi International. 

 In mid-January, Colt & Cindy made a decision to amplify themselves by combining their passion and expertise into a solution-driven opportunity to impact lives. 

 “We need to thank so many people for this achievement, especially our CEO Robert Oblon, and President Laura Harte. They really know how to connect with our AmpLIFEi CommUnity”,

says Cindy.

“Cindy and I are on a mission to continue our growth in this profession that transformed our lives. The timing is perfect and AmpLIFEi is giving us all the tools in a support-driven CommUnity where everyone is thriving. It’s a place where everyone is simply unstoppable!”,

shares Colt. 

 AmpLife continues to demonstrate its ability to grow through its marketing division in both the US and Canadian markets and this is attracting the attention of well-established brand leaders. 

 “The amount of lives Colt & Cindy have impacted in a short time has been very inspiring to see and we are so proud and humbled to have Colt & Cindy thrive in our CommUnity with a true passion to help others make a difference in their lives”,

shares President Laura Harte. 

 About AmpLIFEi 

Headquartered in Greenwood, Indiana, Amplifei™ and HAPInss Brands was founded in 2020 by Robert Oblon, who serves as Founder and Chief Executive Officer of both companies. Amplifei International is a health and wellness lifestyle company with exclusive marketing rights for Hapinss Brand’s products serving freelance entrepreneurs. 

These two Companies combined give customers and its freelance entrepreneurs more options to improve their lives in a more complete way. For more information about AMPlifei, visit


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