Khalid Shaath Interviewed By Andreea Cimbala

For the Business For Home Virtual Conference Top Leader Khalid Shaath (UEA) is interviewed by Andreea Cimbala. (NL)

Both Khalid Shaath as Andreea Cimbala will be speakers at the upcoming Business For Home Virtual Conference 4-6 June.

Khalid Shaath41 old is married and has three beautiful daughters, he is living in Dubai for the last 37 years.

His team has more than 120,000 distributors in 60 countries who have accumulated 1.4 million customers.

His journey to the network marketing industry is not at all typical. He comes from a family of humble beginnings and hardships you usually only hear about in movies. As the oldest son among a family of six children, at age 14 it was his honor, duty, and obligation to assume responsibility for assisting his mother in raising our family upon my father’s untimely death.

Over the last 10 years, he has had ups and downs, he tried various MLM companies, products, systems, consultants, positions, you name it.  Just as when I went to work at 14 to support my family, I have put that same passion into the MLM distribution model and have built teams with numbers I didn’t think possible.

Andreea Cimbala, 26 years young, and mother of a boy and a girl, was born in Italy. Together with her husband Igor Alberts, she resides in the Netherlands.  Their combined career earnings in Network Marketing is over $150+ million.

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