Ricky Villanueva Achieves Green Diamond Rank At Digital Profit

Ricky Villanueva has recently hit Green Diamond with a rapidly growing team at Digital Profit thanks to the new strategic alliance between B-Epic and Digital Profit. Villanueva, originally from Peru, has led quite an interesting network marketing career over the last 11 years. 

He first got started in the industry when he dropped out of college at the age of 20. He remembers finding network marketing and “feeling like I found a gold mine.” But the whole experience of finding success in network marketing wasn’t immediate. Villanueva had to put in hard work to achieve his goals. 

He says,

“I was the 10-year overnight success story. I struggled for 10 years never achieving anything big. Everyone around me was thinking I was crazy to still be involved in the industry. Then in my eleventh year, I became the youngest and fastest millionaire in my company.” 

Villanueva credits much of his success to perseverance and continuously striving for excellence. “Excellence has to be the bare minimum,” he says.

“We experienced meteoric success in 2020, and that didn’t come without major challenges and obstacles, but all of the leaders in our team pushed through despite all the struggles we faced.”

In Villanueva’s case, perseverance certainly brought success, but he has learned a valuable lesson about taking action. In the first 10 years of his network marketing career, he kept feeding himself lines like ‘slowly but surely’ and ‘be consistent and success will come over time’. 

Now, he says, “To me it’s all nonsense. I wish someone would have told me ‘get off your butt and think bigger and take insane action and what you want to achieve in 10 years can be done in 6 months.’” He advises others to do the same: think differently, compress your time frames, and achieve your goals faster by taking great action. 

With this newfound mindset, Villanueva has teamed up with Digital Profit in partnership with B-Epic to enhance his business with an opportunity uniquely refined for the digital era. 

“We are shifting into a new era where people are looking for more financial literacy. People are realizing that no one ever got rich by the interest on their savings account at the bank. People are seeking information to learn how to leverage the financial markets and I believe Digital Profit is the solution.”

Villanueva notes that Digital Profit provides all kinds of information, education, trading products, and technology to capitalize on this new technological era. 

“We are living in the greatest transfer of wealth in history. Digital Profit is the best vehicle that will allow you to take advantage of this historic moment in time.”

By leveraging financial and technological education, Villanueva believes Digital Profit stands to bring financial freedom to people all around the world in partnership with B-Epic. In 5 years, he believes this company will be a leading trailblazer in the world of financial services.

About Digital Profit

Digital Profit is designed to give Brand Partners services to leverage their money and grow mass profits from their phone. With a wide range of digital products and opportunities in the largest financial markets in the world.

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