Gorka Buces Joins Xifra As Chief Visionary Officer

Gorka Buces, from Spain, is a renowned entrepreneur with experience in several MLM companies.

And also in other sectors: he has been a producer of documentaries at National Geographic, a program manager of the Latin Grammy Awards, a vice president of Tele Miami, a manager of John Grinder (co-founder of NLP in Spain). In addition, Gorka is an influential business coach, whose services are in demand at companies on at least three continents.

With this curriculum, this is an important incorporation that will suppose a considerable boost to Xifra’s expansion around the world.

It has been Gorka Buces himself who has decided to leave his previous position at another company in order to join Xifra’s corporate team, where he will occupy the position of Chief Visionary Officer. In other words, his personal vision will be key to the growth and direction that Xifra will take in the coming months.

About his new position, Gorka tells us:

“After being part of some of the biggest and most wonderful MLM companies around the world, today, I join the Xifra Group with enthusiasm and the absolute faith that I can contribute to the growth of the Xifra Group ecosystem.


All of us have been amazed by the growth of the Blockchain and cryptocurrency world. An industry that is increasingly favoured by the opinions of great entrepreneurs and companies worldwide.


Well-known people, such as writer Robert Kiyosaki, think that the world of crypto has come to stay and that Blockchain technology will change the world”.

For Gorka Buces, this technology is no longer the future, but the present, and there is already a whole generation of people looking for services based on it.

“The youth of the world, to whom the present – and not, as they say, the future – belongs, are looking for companies they can collaborate with to provide them with both the latest technologies and business models based on cryptocurrencies.


In the future, many industries, like the one I have been in for so many years, will be forced to adapt their processes to Blockchain technology.”

According to Gorka, many companies and industries are still reluctant to embrace new technologies and the use of cryptocurrencies, but that reluctance is due to the instinct against change that is often counterproductive to growth. Many companies may get lost along the way if they continue to resist, or they will lose years of growth.

Gorka Buces and Jonathan Sifuentes

“Decentralisation is something the world should not resist, but adapt to. Just as the MLM industry had to adapt and survived major challenges in the 1970s over its legality, cryptos and those who bet on them must be willing to pay the same price.

Today, I read an article about how Brazil, the 9th largest economy in the world, is introducing a bill to make Bitcoin legal. After the crash of Facebook in the last few days, we can see some scary facts, like Bitcoin is more valuable than Facebook. Facebook’s crash also highlights the problems of centralised systems”.

But beyond Gorka’s interest in new technologies, we talked about his interest in Xifra in particular, among all the companies that already work with Blockchain. On that, Gorka states:

“Xifra Group is a disruptive ecosystem that not only focuses on helping get to know the world of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology through the MLM model, but also opens other lines of business under the same MLM model, such as wellness and beauty products.


In my opinion, these will be the models of the future, models that not only rely on traditional products, but also bet on new technologies.

As if this were not enough, Xifra Group also ventures into the world of real estate, providing its community with the opportunity to invest its profits in what my father used to call ‘the brick’.

Those of us “old school” say, we listen to the young and I think we hear them, but we don’t listen to them. We must be willing to learn from them and use our experience to help them put their good ideas on track”.

This is how Gorka, with his old school experience and his open mind for a future where digitalisation and decentralization have more and more importance, intends to balance the scales, offer the best of each world and work to make Xifra a company that will define the next generations of MLM.


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